Strak Eyewear // Innovative, contemporary and SLEEK

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Strak Eyewear // Innovative, contemporary and SLEEK

Miriam is wearing a stunning women’s frame by Strak Eyewear, adorned with an elegant style accent that enhances its feminine contours. 

Crafted with precision, these stunning details gracefully accentuate the curves, offering a touch of sophistication and allure.

Constructed from a single block of Japanese titanium, this lightweight yet durable frame features vibrant red and delicate rose gold hues, blending sophistication with a touch of glamour.

“Strak” is our high-end collection, for which we chose to use Japanese block titanium fronts for their light weight and rigidity to give the frame a sturdy strong feel. The temples are beta-titanium, so they have some flexibility giving the wearer a comfortable fit, and it’s easily adjusted.

Tom Kramer

Designer and CEO, TEKA Eyewear

This particular model (A25) is available in three striking colour combinations. Rose gold with Red, Gold with Purple and fully Gold:

This beautiful frame certainly lets our (new) New Jersey girl shine, enhancing her femininity!

Shooting: TEFdoesNewJersey
Eyewear: Model A25 by Strak Amsterdam
Model: Mariam Aslami of TheModernOD

About Strak Eyewear

The STRAK Amsterdam collection by TEKA Eyewear is inspired by the Dutch heritage transformation of canal houses and gabled facades into innoivative, comtemporary and sleek architecture.

The Dutch word “strak” translates to sleek, which is the defining factor in this new collection with lightweight yet sturdy frames.

Design details seen throughout the collection include silicone nose pads and temple tips, a normal screw rim lock, round temples for easy adjustment, and bevel edging.

This collection is geared toward customers who appreciate a minimalistic design approach and want a lightweight yet sturdy frame. It’s an easy sale as the value is immediately recognized. It was designed in a way that it’s fully functional and easy to use.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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