100% Optical 2023

The Optical Gallery Takes on London’s 100% Optical

The Optical Gallery crew’s latest video from London’s 100% Optical: Featuring VAVA Eyewear, FEB31st, and British TV Presenter & show host Annaliese Dayes

If you missed the recent 100% Optical trade show in the UK, don’t worry – TEF Magazine has got you covered. Our team at The Optical Gallery was on the ground to capture all the latest trends and innovations in the world of eyewear, and have produced one of their vlog video’s to share their experience with you.

In this video, they highlight some of the standout moments from the show, including the eco sustainable frame of the year award winner, VAVA Eyewear. Their commitment to sustainability is evident in their designs, which use a castor bean material. The O.G. crew were impressed by their innovative approach and stylish frames.

They also had the opportunity to chat with Stefano Minelli, co-owner of FEB31st, about their latest collection. FEB31st is known for their high-quality wooden frames, and they did not disappoint with their new designs. Stefano shared with us some insights into their creative process and how they balance style and sustainability in their products and produce bespoke custom designs for each client.

And last but not least, The crew caught up with Annaliese Dayes, the host of 100% Optical and a well-known British TV presenter. She shared with us her thoughts on the show and what she sees as the latest trends in eyewear. They were thrilled to have the chance to speak with her and get her perspective on the industry.

Overall, our team at The Optical Gallery had a fantastic time at 100% Optical and we hope their video gives you a taste of the excitement and energy of the event. Check out their vlog on their YouTube channel and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


The Optical Gallery

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