Mon Miroir // Craftsmanship & Sophistication

French-Californian Studio “Mon Miroir” : Craftsmanship & Sophistication
Samy Bensbaa presents unique handmade eyewear collections

San Francisco Bay area-based eyewear studio Mon Miroir is taking handmade, boutique eyepieces to a whole new level. French-born designer and practising optometrist Samy Bensbaa offers meticulously hand-crafted frames for a few years, putting in as many as 10 to 40 hours of work into each piece.

Mon Miroir prides to keep production limited in order to maximize the attention to detail, quality, beauty, and love that Bensbaa puts in every eyepiece.

1 revisited cat eye shapebrown feather
4 white lace and blue
3 revisited tv screen
2 Deep black horn

All of Bensbaa’s frames are built from materials sourced from around the world, including from his homeland, France, where he sources unique and exclusive materials such as handmade lace and textiles. Materials in Mon Miroir pieces might include anything from luxury lace, buffalo horn, high-quality acetate, and precious metals which often include subtle flecks of gold.

  • Everything about the human eye has captivated my imagination for as long as I can remember. Each of us possesses a wholly exceptional, beautiful pair of eyes that, to me, are truly special, truly magnificent to look at.

As an eyewear maker, Bensbaa believes it’s important to put as much energy dressing the face as we do the rest of our bodies. Mon Miroir prides itself on offering a captivating, unique set of eyeglasses that are just as beautiful and unique as the face they rest on.

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ultramodern-vintage 1
piercing 3
lace 9 white lace and gold

  • Just as there are many different facets of our personalities, our glasses help bring out the best of those characteristics to those around us. They help highlight the best of what we want to show.

Mon Miroir customers enjoy eyeglasses for any occasion or outfit. From formal to fun, Bensbaa believes matching eyewear to moods and outfits is crucial for self-expression.

Bensbaa draws inspiration from multiple sources from his love for fashion, as much as for rock music and modern arts as well as from the French legacy of excellence and elegance in quality artisan work. He says he feels it’s important to source part of his materials from his native country because also it is another way for him to share his love and passion for his heritage with his customers.

  • These pieces are symbolic of many things to me, including part of my heritage. I felt as though it would not only be important to offer French-made materials from a quality perspective, but also because it talks about who I am.

Since opening the doors to his studio, Bensbaa has gained notoriety among a growing clientele around the SF Bay area, and internationally as well. He says that the purpose of each frame is to become a true expression of the wearer, which is why he also offers personalized frame services for customers looking for something outside his private collections.

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