Coco Leni // Bold and Brave explorers

Imke is wearing a unique round frame by Coco Leni, with a wide nose bridge bearing resemblance to the steampunk genre. These cool frames speak bold, they speak brave. They speak of a world with an experimental soul. They don’t care for the standard norm, they dare to explore and create their own style.

Coco Leni (1) crop
Coco Leni (2)
Coco Leni (6)
Coco Leni (4)

This artistic handmade frame comes in five beautiful almost hornlike acetate colours:

Coco Leni - Laibach - light-brown (2)
Coco Leni - Laibach - blonde (2)
Coco Leni - Laibach - tortoise (2)
Coco Leni - Laibach - blonde&black (2)
Coco Leni - Laibach - Crystal Blue (2)

This German handmade eyewear label focuses on sustainability, whether with eco-friendly wood, ethically-sourced buffalo horn, bamboo, or renewable acetate. By scouring the globe for products that are both environmentally friendly and high quality, they are able to provide a product both consumers and our planet will be proud of.

About Coco Leni

Established in 1946 as an optical store and workshop, they have been producing frames using the finest available materials ever since. Back then, East German goods weren’t considered flashy, but they were indestructible, which made them sustainable and eco-friendly. Nowadays, eyewear designer “Matthias Haase” has revived the frames from that era. This time from the finest natural materials with a minimalistic touch of  German style.

At Coco Leni, they believe that far too many companies neglect ​where ​and ​how their products are sourced. This can have a negative impact on the environment in addition to customer experience. They also think, that not enough companies are putting customer experience and social issues at the forefront of their organization’s agenda. This is precisely why they chose to be different. By creating eyewear using the finest sustainable natural materials. This includes wood, rich cellulose acetate, horn and titanium, and other environment-friendly materials.

Read more about this amazing brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Eyewear: Laibach by Coco Leni
Model: Imke Jacobs

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