Lunor // Showpieces made of gold


Showpieces made of gold

The Lunor models G1, G2, and A6
shine with 18-karat gold

This year, Lunor is celebrating its 30th anniversary and would like to share this milestone with style aesthetes and design enthusiasts all over this world. And which frame would be more appropriate to celebrate this occasion than the gold glasses? For they are the eponym of the brand combining highest quality and minimalistic use of forms that are so characteristic for the manufacturer from the Northern Black Forest.

Precious metal for eternity: Gold has always been ranked among those rare treasures that are closely related to the history of mankind. Whether in Ancient Egypt, in the Roman Empire, in medieval times and Renaissance, or at the time of the gold rush years in America; there is no other material that has such an appeal.

To this day, gold stands for remarkable elegance, exceptional beauty, and brilliant timelessness – characteristics that the frames by Lunor also combine. And the spectacles manufacture from the Northern Black Forest has even more in common with the gleaming metal: The name Lunor has its origin in the Lunette d’Or, the golden glasses.

The G1 and G2: Golden flamboyance

With its models G1 and G2, two frames made of 18-karat gold originate from the designer in Bad Liebenzell. With a classic panto shape, these frames bring elegant classic material to the modern era. Unobtrusive luxury combining 20.394 grams of gold with characteristic Lunor precision, that is the G1. The G2 weighs 19.849 grams of pure gold. The cleverly thought-out flexible pads guarantee comfortable and perfect fit in both variants. Balanced perfection and highest standards of quality – the golden glasses highlight the essence of this spectacles manufacture perfectly.

The A6 Edition Gold: A brilliant highlight

Having originated as a collection marking the 25th anniversary, the A6 Edition Gold is still one of the most unusual frames in the Lunor portfolio, even today after 5 years. The high-quality acetate frame in two panto shapes has refinement in the detail: The unique manufacture-characteristic hinge is made of 18-karat gold. And this eyecatcher also has highest production standards and is “handmade in Germany”; this is what the quality manufacturer Lunor has been standing for for 30 years now. The A6 Edition Gold is available in the colors Black and Dark Havana. All Lunor gold glasses are shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

About Lunor

Lunor AG is appreciated by spectacles aficionados as a manufacturer of quality. In this, understatement not only characterizes the design of the brand but is also the unspoken mission statement of the company.

As a highly specialized glasses manufacturer with an extensive range, Lunor has been producing Germanmade vintage glasses for over 25 years, gaining international appreciation in the process.

Stars such as Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Meg Ryan and Uma Thurman have all been seen in their Lunor glasses.

Apple founder Steve Jobs was also a big fan of the German premium brand. The rimless glasses that he wore without fail for 14 years originated with Lunor, advancing from a niche model to achieve cult status.

The collection also includes antique-looking metal rims, titanium frames, sunglasses and a broad range of acetate frames in retro design. The creation of each frame requires up to 200 individual steps.

This attention to detail is appreciated worldwide. Markets with the strongest sales include the US, South Korea, France and Japan.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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