Titanika // Made to see, not only to be seen

Elise is wearing an oversized round frame by Y Concept, made in Japan entirely of fine titanium. We love the double-layered construction and the bright color of the cloisonne is absolutely gorgeous. And while the rim construction is only on the top of the lens, it really makes her eyes pop, yet still overs a beautiful framing.


Because this frame design has no screws, its lightness and suppleness add a super comfortable fit. It’s available in four beautiful metal colours:

[URIS id=32628]

Made from Beta titanium, these eyeglasses are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and also give an ergonomic fit no the nose, keeping them from slipping. This feature is one of the important aspects that enhance comfort for the wearer. Beta titanium is also titanium material but 3 times more flexible than a normal one.

Titanika Eyewear by Y Concept

As part of the Y Concept family, Titanika is developed by “eyewear MEBIUS”, an optical shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. They create exquisite frames, made of Beta titanium which are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and give an ergonomic fit. All made in the excellent quality and design-philosophy which we know from a Made in Japan product.

About Y Concept Eyewear

In 2013 “eyewear MEBIUS” decided to start “Y concept” as a high quality and unique brand from Japan. Their unique hinge system, which is maintenance-free, is fully designed and produced in Japan.

Their concept is to have people wear comfortable glasses which are lightweight, stylish, suitable for all situations, and suit the wearer like a natural part of their face. So comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing them.

The glasses are fully adjustable, made to see, not only to be seen. and made in Japan using the cutting edge technology

Read more about this beautiful Japanese brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesMIAMI
Eyewear: Titanika TN-228 by Y-Concept
Model: Elise Gabrielle Kramer, optometrist and eyewear blogger at Miami Contact Lens

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