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This week’s #ECPpick is a gorgeous frame by Sashee Schuster, worn by eyecare professional “Peggy Rückwaldt”. Sashee’s frame designs are dedicated to making women feel beautiful and special, just as her frames themselves are. Sometimes a woman has to be a princess – and sometimes she has to be a diva, so her designs vary from “playing around discreetly” like a princess to “making a big statement” like a diva.  I feel Peggy surely went for the Diva look here..


[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Peggy Rückwaldt, optician at Becker Augenoptik and eyewear influencer at OpticianMadeByPassion” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”18″]I love the frame by Sashee Schuster because it represents a piece of craftsmanship because it is traditionally and regionally produced. It is a natural product and the details on the glasses are wonderfully worked into it, namely the copper flakes. It feels fantastic on the nose, is light, and very well balanced.


The color immediately blew me away, I can use it universally, it’s elegant and an eye-catcher at the same time. It strengthens my self-confidence and makes me feel like a beautiful woman; strong, independent, proud.[/perfectpullquote]


In her collection “Colours of Nature” Sashee Schuster produces unique pieces by laminating natural materials and thus catching nature’s own beauty. This model “Vroni” for instance, comes in copper flakes, ostrich, cornflowers and flowers:

[URIS id=32592]

About Sashee Schuster

Whenever Sashee Schuster is working on new ideas, she draws her own inspiration from nature. The designer Sashee Schuster is a collector and her souvenirs Forays through meadows and forests can be found on the shelves of her studio. Barley, wildflowers, leaves, spices or even feathers can be found here.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Sashee Schuster” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”17″]My glasses are made by hand in the FUNK manufactory in Kinsau, Bavaria. The collected flowers, seeds or bird feathers are mixed with the Raw material acetate laminated.


The result: designs such as chili dill, pheasant feather, rose bouquet, copper flakes, meadow flowers, colored pepper and many more.[/perfectpullquote]

The Sashee Schuster collection is a tribute to women – the shapes vary from “playing around discreetly” like a princess to “making a big statement” like a diva. Because sometimes a woman has to be a princess – and sometimes she has to be a diva. Sashee Schuster frames are dedicated to making women feel beautiful and special – just as the frames themselves are.

In addition to Sashee Schuster’s main work, the glasses laminated with natural materials of the “Colors of Nature” collection, laminated individual pieces get that “Unique” certificate awarded. Her portfolio also includes the “True Colors” collection. That’s what it is frames made of cotton acetate in Sashee’s favorite colors.

The designer repeatedly creates special frames from beautiful Vintage acetate that complement their work under the name “Schmankerl”. The “The Divas” collection, eccentric sunglasses, are a limited edition available and the classics from her first collection “Daddycated”, dedicated to  her father Rupert.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: ECP Pick
Eyewear: Vroni by Sashee Schuster
Model: Peggy Rückwaldt, optician at Becker Augenoptik and blogger at OpticianMadeByPassion
Photographer: Alex Hill / Perspective 2

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