BOZ // Collection Printemps 2021

The distinctive flair of the BOZ collections lies in its incredible diversity. The design is worked with no boundaries in mind, the colors are used without restraint. Elegant to the point of refinement, beautiful and expressive with their decorative graphics and the use of exclusive acetate colors, all of the frames are imagined and fashioned in every detail to give style and character to women who choose BOZ. A flamboyant style, far from all trends, and totally uninhibited!

Collection Spring 2021 – A tender femininity

This new collection delivers an artistic vision of a soft, tender femininity interpreted in a rich and varied stylistic repertoire, where each detail echoes the flourishing nature of the sunny days. Subtly typed shapes, fine metal lace, plays of transparency and bursts of light, elaborated graphic effects, sophisticated floral prints, origami folds of fine metal, delicate floral details and delicate decorative engravings flourish on the frames in palettes of seasonal colors with a brilliant finish. Carried by Joëlle Rey (Artistic Director of the house) and Marie Lebon (Designer BOZ), the collection plays with the codes of seduction in a refined and deliciously detailed spirit, where design easily pair with aesthetic pleasure. 

The sensuality of the lines, the searches for spring colors, the intensity of the pigments, the power of light and the poetic spirit of the decorations find new harmonies, both subtle and visually powerful. Inspired and inspiring models bringing the look a touch of freshness and optimism … without ever losing empowerment!

Concept UN PEU


These one-piece frames in metal lace set the tone for the season. An exquisite blend of softness and lightness, they highlight a refined lace openwork and fine decorations which give them an obvious spring character. The laser engraving carried out on the both faces, inner and outside sides, allows for underlining the pointillist effect of the decorative finishes inspiring the delicate buds of flowers. Seasonal colors and a vibrant finish, these models echo the flourishing nature of sunny days.





This concept proposes an artistic interpretation of the floral rebirth. It is unveiled on the side pieces through a delicate origami metal folding, hand-colored, which brings a refined floral graphic effect. The aesthetic readily draws on fresh color palettes, with subtle color hues or – asymmetric color schemes which accentuate the finesse of the pattern. The style is keen on references to characters from the extraordinary garden of Alice in Wonderland, such as excessive jacket collars, flower petals, clover leaves and even bow ties. An exquisite crafted eyewear highlighting the gaze with its charming and poetic spring touch.





The style of these combined frame is focused on the contrast of a solid monochrome metal with the floral prints of acetate to bring strength and character to the silhouette. Bright color palettes and dazzling transparencies come in a modern spirit and mark a desire for happiness, the desire for a kind of re-connection with the nature. New elegant frames to be worn with lightness and optimism. *LINE 1098 : Limited Edition 50 Pieces.



Concept ROSES


Precision and fluidity of lines, minimalist cuts, subtle shapes, and finesse of metal enhanced by colored highlights of fresh and citrus colors: these frames use the most subtle graphic (and style) effects to illuminate sunny days. The attention to detail is obvious: fine decoration engraved on the eye contour area, glossy or satin lacquer applied by hand, fitted gold metal plates coordinated with the frame, and small roses in matching colors to the face, in fine engraving on the inside of the temples. Simple, yet refined frames, where radiant elegance is expressed in associations that sparkle with life!



Concept KISS ME


These new styles consist of 2 acetate fronts playing hide and seek with transparency: a technical subtlety to step up the effects of colors, patterns and lights, for a dazzling rendering. Nature is in the details of colors and patterns: soothing earthy tones or deeper colors bring the plant fibers to the light and delicately complete the sophisticated look of the frames. The finesse and the workmanship of the metal on the temples is highlighted by a bi-coloring and fine engravings inspiring night butterflies’ antennae.



About BOZ Eyewear

BOZ glasses and sunglasses are part of the J.F. Rey family of eyewear. The BOZ eyewear collection started as a pet project of Jean-François Rey where he and his design team could let their creativity run free. BOZ designer eyewear takes both J.F. Rey and French fashion to the NEXT level. 

Not for the timid or meek, BOZ glasses and sunglasses are definitely on the Wild side. Brilliant colors, aggressive shapes, and unique styles round out this incredible collection. 

You will never see oversized brand logos hanging from the temples, because creativity serves as BOZ’s trademark.

The stylish, sensual, and gorgeously colored frames of the BOZ eyewear collections personify originality and elegance on the women who wear them. Exploring cultural mixes and the influence of plants, the brand makes its mark using contemporary and original themes. Many eyewear brands celebrate their success by having famous celebrities wearing their glasses. BOZ is completely different in their thinking. BOZ is a celebration of the individual.

Read more about this amazing brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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