The wait is finally over: NIRVAN JAVAN’s new campaign #SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW introduces the multifaceted richness of this world and celebrates a cosmopolitan, modern society embracing different perspectives. The campaign serves as an extension of the concept #SEETHEWORLD and the invitation to see the world with one’s own eyes.


#SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW: A symbol for diversity

Walking through life with an open mind and experiencing the world in its endless diversity. With the current campaign #SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW, Zurich-based lifestyle brand NIRVAN JAVAN offers a deeper insight into their cosmopolitan approach. In #SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW this philosophy is shown through the gathering of different characters from all over the world who come together in a unique place to celebrate life and the multifaceted richness of this earth. They all are modern cosmopolitans and represent the diversity of our planet.


A journey throughout the year with different destinations

#SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW will join us throughout the upcoming year. Each character represents a collection and metropolis within the NIRVAN JAVAN universe and creates a thematic spotlight over the year. London, Tokyo, Paris, Chicago and Rome – all those cities will be highlighted and are once again drawing attention to the diverse impressions that the brand gathers on its stylistic journey around the globe. The campaign video forms therefore the opening of this multifaceted campaign.

“The campaign #SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW and the story behind it is truly special to me. After a long and intensive process, we are very excited to invite every single one of you to this show and take you with us on a journey around the globe.” Nirvan Javan, Creative Director

#SEETHEWORLD – THE SHOW its collections, as well as the character and their personal stories, can be followed throughout the year on the brand’s website, as well as its social media channels.

About Nirvan Javan

Behind the brand, NIRVAN JAVAN is the same-named designer and trained optician of Persian origin. At a young age his creative talent, from which he developed his own forms of expression, was already evident. Clear and elegant aesthetics, pursuing perfection as well as purism characterize the designer’s unmistakable signature.

The attitude to walk through life open-minded and to experience the world in its diversity, motivated the creative cosmopolitan to create his own interpretation of the existing world.

Inspired by the history of the designer, the symbiosis of cultures gives rise to a new consciousness: an invitation to see the world with one’s own eyes. At his atelier in Zurich, the future is designed with passion and attention to detail – new designs are constantly being created.

Read more about this amazing Swiss brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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