Imago Eyewear // Hip shapes with a twist

Moscow nights are long – Anastasia wears model Berio from the Spexies collection of Imago Eyewear. This capsule collection features beautiful frames in a smaller size and a clear, modern design language.

Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear

The maxim of the company – always best possible quality and high-end materials – is consistently implemented and continued here.

Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear
Imago Eyewear

Japanese Titanium is united with contemporary, elegant, and modern design in current trend colours, for example, rose gold, silver, or rose combined with dark red, light blue, beige, or teal, lend the frame an added spark.

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Imago Eyewear – the name says it all

Imago comes from Latin and means vision, idea, imagination, shape and form, and this is exactly how we work. Their idea of vision is first and foremost one of creativity. Their designers believe that without vision there is no creativity, and without creativity, there is no progress.

We not only work with eyewear, we think and live eyewear.

The idea is always the starting point – perhaps at first only vague, obscure, or fragmentary – but during meetings and discussions of our designers and technicians it becomes a clear concept.

From this concept, Imago develops an object (prototype), which is then honed into a perfect shape.It sounds like such a simple process, but it is also in a way a difficult one. After 26 years in the business, coming up with something new and exciting every time is a challenge they relish.

Read more about this great German brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesMOSCOW
Eyewear: Berio by Imago Eyewear, Titanium Size 54()18-140 – 6 colors pure titanium
Model: Anastasia Dyuzhenkova, eyewear influencer at Nastya I Ochki

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