SILMO // Not only a trade show

Coming up on a year and a half ago, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly and profoundly impacted our personal and professional lives. Despite this turmoil, which shattered a number of habits and certainties, Silmo remained present for the optical and eyewear community by going into overdrive, adapting all its tools and services – developed over many years – to the situation.

While the light at the end of the tunnel is beginning to come into view in many ways, Silmo reasserts its commitment to the industry, reaffirming its values, and inviting you to discover and explore its galaxy.

A historical source of inspiration and progress for an entire industry, SILMO has been influencing the optical and eyewear world for more than 50 years.

Involvement, responsibility, boldness, flexibility and proximity are the values conveyed by SILMO, which invites professionals to consider, conceive and explore the future of this perpetually changing sector.

A true reference on an international scale and a pioneer at the frontiers of innovation and inspiration, SILMO organises events in multiple formats and generates high-value content to guide all the professionals in the development and performance of their activity.

At times of growth or crisis, SILMO relies on solid pillars and a flexible format :

SILMO Family and its numerous forms of professional encounters: local and international events, convivial gatherings, sources of synergy and generators of business.

SILMO Signature: cutting-edge, innovative, inspiring content to cultivate collective reflections on the future of the field, ensuring the largest possible spread of technological and creative progress in the service of visual health for all and the overall growth of the industry.

SILMO is able to adapt to changing circumstances. It is a living universe where technologies, trends and expertise meet, converge, agglomerate, and give rise to projects, collaborations, ideas and business.

Based on the strength of its expertise and the experience it has acquired through the years, SILMO is now, more than ever, the partner of a field of excellence : the worldwide optical and eyewear industry

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