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“Made in Japan” doesn’t necessarily mean the brand itself is Japanese. Nine Eyewear, for instance, is completely designed in Denmark, a country that is well known for creating high-end quality itself.

But, for a certain touch and feel, you cannot go around Japanese craftsmanship, hence their choice to have their frames made in the land of the rising sun.

Any frame from nine eyewear is a unique item – designed in Denmark and handcrafted by true artisans in Japan. The quality of the craftsmanship, the best materials and the highest production standards are the foundations of every product from nine eyewear.

Their main focus is to achieve the right balance between form and functionality when creating our lightweight titanium frames. And they pride themselves in treating the product with great respect from beginning to end.

Their collections are the result of a seamless collaboration between their concept developers in Denmark and specialist eyewear artisans in Japan.

Ideas are conceived and sketched by the concept developers, who then work closely with the skilled craftsmen in Japan – for as long as it takes to achieve the design vision.

All their frames are 100% handmade in more than 250 production steps. They use only the finest titanium and all acetate parts are made from exclusive original Japanese Takiron acetate, ensuring the reliable state-of-the-art quality that can only be achieved this way.

These delicate parts are not only assembled but also cut, polished matched and unified with accurate measurement and techniques passed down through generations.

The nine eyewear collection

The brand has up to seven different sub-collections, to create the perfect frame to everyone’s desire.


the original nine eyewear collection


The frames in the nine collection offers timeless design for a timeless expression.

Produced from a super-thin, 0.8 mm beta titanium eyewire, weighing between 6 and 9 grams, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them – but others will notice you.

nine edge

when you want to stand out


Imagine a complete, single-piece frame cut out in a titanium sheet – a look with edge.

Front on, the raw expression of the stylish eyewear quickly impresses, not just because they are surprisingly thin from the sides and top, but also its stand-out feature: the flat-ground edge visible in the lens mounting.

nine IBT

setting new standards in eyewear design


IBT stands for Integrated Block Titanium. The frames are milled from a solid titanium block, resulting in something truly unique – the perfectly hidden rim lock system.

The pure, clean-cut design is as light as you’d expect, but especially the stable, firm feel makes the IBT comfortable in its own unique way.

nine five

if almost nothing is just a little too much


nine five is elegant minimalism at its best. 5 elements together weighing just 5 grams, that’s the essence of the nine five collection.

The stringent design simplicity contributes to the lightness of expression. 2 temples, 2 hinges and 1 bridge – no more, no less.

nine Origin

A tribute to the classic virtues of Japanese craftsmanship


No shortcuts, just pure Japanese know-how brought down through generations to create the ideal product.

The combination of thin, flexible titanium temples and soft hand-polished Japanese acetate, is the perfect match of complementary materials providing the ultimate fit.

nine SUN

When you have a passion for sophisticated sunglasses


The nine SUN collection carries all the known nine eyewear characteristics: Lightweight titanium, contemporary designs and comfortable eyewear, weighing no more than 9 grams.

Simplicity, functionality and fashion combined with high quality optical sun lenses with UV filter and anti-reflective coating. Embrace the light with our nine SUN collection.

limited edition

refined eyewear that truly defines luxury


Each Limited Edition frame is crafted with special production techniques and in some of the color variations, titanium parts are even plated with precious metals like 18-karat gold, ruthenium or palladium.

Combined with unique design details handmade by Japanese craftsmen this makes our Limited Edition frames more refined and therefore truly defines luxury.

Read more about this amazing Danish brand “made in Japan” on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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