Johann von Goisern // Pastel colours and Vivid tones

Hanging around the London riverside, Annaliese is wearing a colourful frame by Johann von Goisern, while looking at the water of the Thames passing by. Underwater, where so many daring relationships between strong colours remain hidden from the human eye, creative outpourings of nature are created in absolute silence. In coral reefs, soft shapes and sharp edges collide with pastel colours and vivid tones. These are touched by the warm sunlight and share their secret with us by bringing out their full luminosity.


18 different layers of colourful diversity remind of an exotic colourful shoal of fish finding their way through an oversized and round set in the form of tightly fitting, sometimes narrow stripes. Like the shoal through the colourful clefts. Thus the unusual design with its special colouring of coral, orange and yellow tones not only cuddles up against the wearer’s eye area like colourful reef plants but with its round shape also balances out hard facial features and flatters them skillfully.

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Each Johann von Goisern thus supports the wearer in openly showing his unique charisma and at the same time allowing colourful variety into his life.


About Johann von Goisern

The “real” Johann (von Goisern) was born in Bad Goisern in 1937 and the region and its people were very close to his heart. His professional career brought him into contact with optics again and again. In 1984 he finally set up his own business in the “production and processing of spectacle frames”. The family business he founded is now managed by the third generation and continues to hold on to the company location in Bad Goisern, making it one of the companies core values.

High-quality eyewear fashion doesn’t need to be boring – Johann was sure of that. And it can also come from Austria. These three characteristics – outstanding quality, exceptional design and the location of Bad Goisern – still make Johann von Goisern spectacle frames what they are today.

Shooting: TEFdoesLONDON
Eyewear: Model 885 by Johann von Goisern
Model: Annaliese Dayes, model and presenter at 100% Optical London

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