Dillon Optics // The Need for Speed

Kayla is following all the trends, wearing this oversized aviator by Dillon Optics, featuring a NIR polarized lens with a unique satin matte finish that is as functional as it is beautiful.


Their design team felt the need…… the need for speed. And this aviator inspired design delivers quick satisfaction for comfort and appeal for the coolest of jet-setters. Their model Goose is available in silver and gun, featuring a 6 base NIR Polarized lens, three-barrel hinges and adjustable silicone nose pads.

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Conceptualized and designed by a military aviator and adventurer, their eyewear is like nothing you have ever experienced. Stunning design, lightweight, and a unique satin matte finish that is as functional as it is beautiful. Preventing glare and hiding smudges are a great start – but their real “vision” was to provide a razor-sharp image that would be hard to duplicate elsewhere & we think they achieved just that.


So what is NIR lens technology ?

NIR lens technology is a polarized diffuse reflector that reduces internal reflections within the lens allowing for noticeably sharper clarity, while at the same time protecting the lens from scratching or exposure to harmful environmental conditions.

About the brand

Dillon Optics entered the highly competitive sunglass marketplace in the spring of 2008. Making it to market, however, has not been easy. Dillon first conceived the idea for NIR (No Image Reflection) in 1986 at a family-owned machine shop in Scottsdale Arizona. The idea was to create a lens having clarity superior to anything else by diffusing and eliminating reflections within the lens. It took many years to get it right.

Looking through a Dillon lens is an experience. They eliminate reflections that you might simply take for granted until you switch back to a pair without NIR. The most interesting thing about Dillon though is that nothing looks like them. The lenses are so striking that I literally whiplashed the first time I saw a pair in an optical shop. They have the appearance that the lens is painted, yet vision through them is extraordinarily clear.

Shooting: TEFdoesBOISE
Eyewear: Goose by Dillon Optics
Model: Kayla Ashlee, optical trainer at Spexy

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