MIDO // Save the wonder

Beauty lies not only in things but also in actions. In the ability to achieve balance between what you are and what you have. Our surroundings do not belong to us and must be protected if we want to enjoy them every day, preserving them, as much as possible, for future generations.

The MIDO 2021 slogan is meant to make us more aware of the essential nature of the myriad shapes and kinds of beauty our eyes allow us to see.

Given the alarm raised over the glaciers and all the animal species – including the indisputably iconic polar bear – that inhabit them, for Save the Wonder! MIDO has chosen to honor the humpback whale. In the late 1950s, this aquatic mammal numbered only 450 specimens. It was recently removed from the list of endangered species at risk of extinction. This major achievement was accomplished thanks to the efforts of people who believed in the strength of their own ideas.

The majestic mammal that breaches through the lens of a pair of eyewear embodies a special meaning: the lens it leaps out of represents the embrace that protects, reassures and brings people together to reflect on objectives and on the ability of the human race to achieve them. The oceanic giant is safe and its acrobatics are the proof.

As a slogan, Save the Wonder! reaffirms its support of an environment compromised by widespread indifference. MIDO aims its focus on the problem, with due consideration, elevating it to wonder, as is appropriate for a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Wonder is in our nature.

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