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Jasmine is wearing Maman by Nathalie Blanc Paris, an exceptional oval shape in bi-plated acetate, which brings out its vintage and delicate side, combining style and elegance. These glasses are made from natural acetate and fully handcrafted in France in the purest tradition of French spectacle makers. The translucent acetate used on the lateral sides of the face lighten the frame and bring freedom to the wearer’s face.

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The hole in the temple tip is the special touch of Nathalie Blanc Paris which brings a lot of elegance to the design. It has become more feminine and luxurious thanks to the insertion of a 22 carats gold circle in the tip of the right temple. This frame will be created in pink and black, Havana and tea, beige and tea, black and deep blue.

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As opposed to moulded acetate, the manufacturing of the “Maman” requires a real technical know-how. Its frame is bi-plated, 8mm thick and has been deforced. This method necessitated the creation of specific tools by our workshop. The milling process requires an extreme precision. A 0.7mm mill head, rarely used in the manufacturing of frames, is used to bring alive the back part of the temporal curves. Thus, the barrel must be of the highest quality in order to preserve the high precision work of the miller.


During 6 month, their design team worked on the development and creation of the 22 carats gold circle that they integrate seamlessly in the frame. Nathalie Blanc personally creates the glass gradient to work in perfect harmony with the colours of the frame.

With this design, Nathalie Blanc has masterfully brought together high fashion and traditional knowhow to create these timeless frames handcrafted in the Jura region, the birthplace of the French glass industry.

Shooting: TEFdoesBRUSSELS
Eyewear: Maman by Maison Nathalie Blanc
Model: Jasmine Martirosian, optician and eyewear blogger at Jasmine Eyewear.

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