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Frost Eyewear – Winner of the 27th SILMO d`Or grand prix in category “technological innovation”.

Our friends at Frost Eyewear have recently won the prestigious Silmo d’Or award, in the category “Techincal innovations”, with their new line of eyewear that can be described as a universe full of fasionable colour possibilities. The designs belonging to this collections are all inspired by a planet, and the real cool aspect is that each single lens is circulating in its own colour satelite orbit.

The first model of this unique collection is “JUPITER”, which starts the beginning of a new eyewear colour-customizing century with an innovative and patent pending assembly construction. Each handmade acetate frame consits of a combination of 5 single frame parts which can mixed accordingly. The main front part is holding the acetate rims via a lens facette cut and will be finally fixed by its lenses. Extraordinary shapes, artfully constructions and sophisticated patent remedies.

JUPITER 310904 mixed_view_A


That is the modern sensuality from the Black Forest – made by „frost”. Marion Frost,the trained goldsmith and jewelry designer, is responsible now for nearly 25 years for all these designs and innovations

How it all began

Trained goldsmith Marion Frost and her husband Paris Frost created their own label in 1996. When Paris was unable to find fashionable glasses 20 years ago, Marion herself designed a pair for her husband and thus, the idea of creating an unique glasses collection was born. Since then, the couple has transformed frost into an international success. While the design and production entirely takes place in Germany’s Sasbach, the collections have found their way into shops in over 40 countries.

Though, the internationally well-established label kept down-to-earth and is perceptible as an authentic brand. A great bond with the Black Forest is a substantial part of frost’s brand identity. The unique design of each pair of glasses is a statement of one’s very individual personality. Creating significantly timeless design in our fast-paced world, frost impresses with its profound colour- and shape variety.

For more information about Marions amazing frames, check out their website.

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