Morel // Architecture and Eyewear by Jean Nouvel

As astonishing as it is unexpected, the Morel collaboration by Jean Nouvel defies preconceived notions by bringing together two distant worlds: architecture and eyewear. On the one hand, there is Morel, the globally recognized French reference in eyewear since 1880, known for its know-how. On the other, Jean Nouvel, a contemporary architect of international renown, known for his achievements that are as exceptional as they are complex.

The quintessence of design

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Morel and Jean Nouvel have created a concept around a strong identity; the search for purity of design, with minimalism at the heart of the creative exercise. From the selection of materials to the choice of structure and its use, everything has been calculated to offer exceptional products in the image of this partnership.

The frames come in two shapes, round and pantos, and are also available in two materials: titanium and acetate.

In its quest for simplicity, Morel par Jean Nouvel offers titanium frames as if drawn with a single stroke of a pencil. The radical line of the bridge extends beyond the endpiece to the temples and where the rimlock is hidden for a sleek frame with a flawless finish. To ensure that the design is not overlooked, all of the details are a single color. Black, midnight blue, satin grey, and olive green are available in matte or shiny finishes.

A surprising marraige

As a world-renowned conceptualist architect, Jean Nouvel remains focused on his insatiable desire to experiment design and challenge creativity. Nouvel’s philosophy is rooted in structures that are pure and simple.

This collaboration consists of creating ties between universes that, at first, may not appear compatible, and yet, architecture and eyewear are closer than they seem. This exercise in style stems from a common approach to structure, materials, lines, and attitudes to offer a premium product without compromise.

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The models made of 100% acetate feature pure lines with polished edges on the front. 

A keyhole bridge adds character, especially when combined with the temple detail, which is visible in translucent models. 

Acetate models exhibit a moody palette; black, sometimes matte, sometimes shiny, intense blue, deep red, and crystal. All of the details come together to offer a pure product without compromise.

Each optical shape is also available in a solar model with CR39 lenses, polarized with an anti-reflective blue interior.

About Morel

Morel’s history is that of a family passionate about their work as manufacturers of the eyeglasses they have designed and created since 1880.

The French brand is both creative and trailblazing, making its mark on the public through its iconic models, sold in millions of copies throughout the world.

Today Morel owns the largest design center for eyeglasses in France. Artistic directors, designers, prototype makers and color specialists work hand in hand to design the eyeglasses of the future, from the first idea to the finished product.

Morel is delighted to refer to Pantone, and its “Color of the year”, every year. Pantone is the favorite tool used by many creative firms and Morel is no exception, since the famous color shade company is its designers’ most faithful companion. And it’s no small matter: Morel works closely with a team of color specialists able to identify future trends and reinterpret them in eyeglasses for everyday use.dans la main pour concevoir les lunettes de demain ; de l’idée au produit fini.

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