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Luxury eyewear manufacturer ic! berlin launches their latest collection dedicated to the eccentricity and individualism of its namesake, Berlin, Germany. Run the City draws its inspiration from the contemporary, edgy, and carefree aura of the streets and people of Berlin.

Run the City embodies Berlin’s unique aesthetic with bold attitudes and even bolder frames that feature new styles, colorways and the introduction of Acetate. Under the direction of Sylvia Jensen, the new CMO of ic! berlin, Run the City strongly expresses the belief that everyone belongs and to never let someone else define who you are – but yourself.

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The brand represents people that coin their own destiny, question the old and write new stories. Just like the two modern eyewear lines Silk 2.0 and Acetate Hybrids & Classics, which are launched with the Run The City campaign.

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The most note-worthy addition to the collection is the upgrade of ic! berlin’s signature Silk collection. Stronger and lighter metal along with a durable hinge system secures the frame and provides a sturdy, and flexible pair of optics.


Fresh hues of blue, gold and red have been added to the interior of the glasses for a pop of color in contrast to the metal exterior, as seen on the Lisa P. and Ksenia E. This season’s collection also offers mixed material eyewear models with urban semi-transparent acetates. One pair in particular that embodies the theme of standing out and standing strong is the Kusi in Rosé Gold which is entirely made out of stainless steel, from tip to nose pad.

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This freedom to be who you want to be, who you can be, to say what you think and to express your true and inner self is reflected in each ic! berlin frame: handcrafted eyewear, that is less about showing style, but more about expressing your personality. ic! berlin is available worldwide at your local optician along with various online retailers with prices ranging from $479 to $539.

About ic! berlin:

Founded in 1996, ic! berlin makes the very finest, hand-made eyewear for people who dare to see the world through their own eyes. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with a signature flagship store in Berlin, our more than 180 craftsmen, engineers, and technicians design, build, and market our original eyewear designs across 60 countries worldwide. Seeing things from new perspectives is embedded in our company’s DNA. We combine the original, no-screw hinge with stainless steel, titanium, synthetic, and natural materials. The result is robust, lightweight eyewear design.

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