Etnia Barcelona // Terra, Still I Rise

The Barcelona-based eyewear brand Etnia Barcelona presents a sincere and optimistic campaign encouraging us to get back to the simplest things in life, with the earth as its foundation.

Through a collection made up of different esthetic worlds, Etnia is once again standing out as a pluralistic and diverse brand—a place for everyone.

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Terra. Still I rise depicts an unexpected awakening, a reconciliation with ourselves and our surroundings—the realization that we are nature and have become nature once again. The most essential thing in life is what we have closest to us: the earth. From that solid ground that holds us, we gather our forces to rise up and reinvent ourselves once again.

Terra marks an inverted exodus, one leading from the city to the country. A return to our roots, a journey inwards allowing us to realize that what is most simple is also most necessary.

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The 2020 Fall/Winter collection from Etnia Barcelona invites you to search within yourself and be free. New prescription eyewear and sunglasses with striking shapes and details. There are metallic models, including the double-front model, and acetate models that form curves and delicate laminations. Vibrant, translucent colors with tones from the Havana color palette and mono-color laminations, with unexpected combinations stemming from the brand’s DNA.

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The collection contains nine worlds in total, allowing the individual to discover “which is their Etnia Barcelona”, from models inspired by the golden days of Hollywood to grand works of architecture, from art deco to cubism. There is an Etnia Barcelona for every occasion and every personality.

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In addition, Etnia Barcelona continues its commitment to sustainability. Since its inception, the brand works with natural materials like premium quality acetate, which comes from cotton and wood, and uses mineral glass in its sunglasses collections. For its packaging, the brand uses 100% recyclable corn-based cardboard. All of the collections are completely made in its own factories, with technologies that help reduce its environmental impact and guarantee a quality and long-lasting product, with a focus on an ethical production line.

About Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is an independent eyewear brand that was founded in 2001. All of the collections are created from start to finish by the brand’s design team, who monitors every step of the production process. What sets Etnia Barcelona apart is the use of color in each design, which has made it the eyewear industry’s most colorful brand. What’s more, every pair of glasses is crafted with the highest quality natural materials, such as natural acetate by Mazzucchelli and mineral glass lenses by Barberini.

The company has offices in Barcelona, Miami, Vancouver and Hong Kong, and can be found in over 60 countries with 14,000 points of sale throughout the world. In addition, its Flagship Store is located in the emblematic Born neighbourhood in Barcelona, which features seven spectacular floors with spaces dedicated to the eyewear culture, and which showcases the brand’s best features.

#BeAnartist is the Etnia Barcelona motto, which is an invitation for people to freely express themselves through design. Etnia Barcelona invokes color, art and culture—but above all, it is connected to the city where it was born and has thrived. Barcelona represents a lifestyle open to the world—it’s all simply a question of attitude.

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