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Another amazing brand that is truly made in Germany, is Lunor. In the middle of the Black Forest, they create glasses for discerning people all over the world, to help people see better. And look better.

The team at Lunor like to focus on their own point of view, a change of view, the big picture, transparency in their conduct, life in all its aspects, the healthy mix. But they also believe in understatement. They are renowned for pure style that lasts, for sophistication and mastery. This is why the best opticians in the world look to them. And people with their own sense of style. Their framework? Respectability, honest craftsmanship, family traditions and trust in the people they work with. But enough of words. Take a look for yourself.


Trends come and go. Quality lasts.

Their vision, as a manufacturer of glasses, is to make an uncompromising impact with quality, masterful craftsmanship, and consistent workmanship. Lunette d‘Or was where it all started, and where they got their name: Lunor. And hand-crafted gold will remain part of all their pieces in future, too. Lunor deliberately produces small quantities, work with exclusive materials, and think outside the box to master technical intricacies. This results in details that impress wearers daily. And fascinate experts in optometry even after years. Many of their customers have discovered the joys of collecting after purchasing their first Lunor.

In love with details. Tried and tested by life.

At Lunor, they don‘t care much for logos, but about fine details. Because it is in these details, well known to connoisseurs, that you can see what makes Lunor special. Lunor‘s springless, riveted hinge with the classic double rivets on the temples and frame front are an essential factor in the unusually high level of comfort and legendary durability. It is in the Lunor screw with the convex head, the Lunor saddle bridge, and the Lunor titanium pads. It is in the palpably sophisticated surface treatment. At Lunor will enthusiasts find details inspired by history, such as the arched bridge and the fabulous folding spectacles.

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Bound to the masters. Perfected with modern design.

Straightforward, sophisticated, stylish. These are the attributes of Lunor collection wearers. Their designers admire their keen eye and appreciation for exclusive classic designs, which are interpreted into modern styles. It is the pure style, the signature, with a light touch, that fascinates enthusiasts. Inspired time and again by one of the largest antique spectacle collections in the world, with pieces dating from 1650 to 1950, our design team, led by Michael Fux, focuses on subdued, consistent forms, combined with modern materials and perfected technology, in the manufacture and crafting of our models.



Living up to your responsibility can be a lot of work, especially considering the challenges posed by climate change. That’s why Lunor is actively committed to protecting the environment 365 days a year at their company headquarters. They are only able to reduce waste, do away with disposable products, and successively replace plastic packaging if each of their employees does their part. Thanks to solar energy and geothermal heating, the company headquarters is nearly self-sufficient and emission-free; They can even power their own charging stations for their electric vehicles. Furthermore, by purchasing climate certificates, they offset their remaining carbon footprint. This way, they can achieve 100% climate neutrality in their activities – from production to delivery. Lunor has 50,000 of their hardest workers to thank for this: their bee colony contributes to the protection of biodiversity and our ecosystem. Taking responsibility for our environment is something they are happy to do and have been doing for years with conviction.

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