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Next up in our list of Amazing Eyewear – Made in Germany, is the infamous brand NEOSTYLE. For the past 60 years, they have been associated with creative design delivered by world-class craftsmen using the finest quality material.

The result is outstanding design and comfort. NEOSTYLE Eyewear stands for creative design, quality materials, and the best workmanship resulting in outstanding design and comfort. Konstantin Livas, the chief designer, has been designing for NEOSTYLE since the 1970’s and continues to focus on personality enhancing designs without compromising quality or comfort.

NEOSTYLE PE 08 col. 554
NEOSTYLE PE 17 col.520
NEOSTYLE PE 08 col. 556
NEOSTYLE PE 18 col. 541

The story began in 1961, when Walter A. Nufer founded the company NEOSTYLE. He immediately implemented his concept of developing eyewear frames, which were not merely functional but also met up-coming trends. Thus originated an avant-garde eyewear style. Details became of major importance. The features become harmoniously emphasized and the personality of the wearer put at the forefront of all designs.

Following the sudden death of the founder in 2001 his daughter, Sandra Nufer has upheld the concept upon which the business was founded, namely the realization of ‘Personality Eyewear’. Sandra is supported in this role by her partner, Andreas Dünnbier, who manages an enthusiastic young team designing frames for the modern market and guided by the principals proven so successfully since inception.

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NEOSTYLE’s head office is located in Leonberg / Germany, in the center of the renowned Stuttgart-Pforzheim industrial area, home to a multitude of world-class suppliers who support the jewelry, watch, and eyewear industries. This geographical location helps us uphold the high quality for which NEOSTYLE is renowned.

NEOSTYLE Eyewear is distributed worldwide through specialized optical retail shops and optometric practices. These outlets are supported through local sales representatives or distributors focusing their sales activity and support on NEOSTYLE products. Their manufacturing process is controlled by the head office and supported by hundreds of qualified and experienced staff who adhere to NEOSTYLE’s focus on quality.

Personality Eyewear – Unique frame from Neostyle

Exceptionally light frames – only 9g – made from a robust material clearly define the PE-Collection from Neostyle. The manufacturing process involves fine layers of polyamide powder built layer upon layer by laser merging to built the spectacle frame ensuring supreme lightness and flexibility. The frames are complemented by high quality temples made from German silver and a high precision OBE hinge for optimum wearing comfort. Nosepads ensure a perfect fit.

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This fashionable and lightweight collection produced in the NEOSTYLE factory is offered in a variety of color combinations and delivers innovation manufacturing with precise craftsmanship. PE – Frames like no other!

NAUTIC – The Elvis cult sunglasses

Elvis Presley wore it in the 70s in many of his legendary performances, unforgettable 1972 in Madison Square Garden. Its a must-have for all Elvis fans and lovers of retro sunglasses! The original from NEOSTYLE comes with a certificate of authenticity.

For more information, check out their website.

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