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Today, Eelke is doing his part cleaning the beach wearing “Touch of Madness”, an eco-friendly frame by W.R.Yuma that is 3D printed from recycled soda bottles. Staying well above the required 6 feet distance at this deserted beach, he even cleaned it from some Corona bottles, which unfortunately cannot be used to create 3d printed frames.

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This funky unisex design features lenses in grey smoke from Essilor Sun Solution, which are the perfect fit in quality and performance with 100% UV protection. The 3D printed frame from recycled soda bottles is made on-demand and uniquely numbered with their Origin Trace feature.

Yuma Labs was founded with a rebellious spirit to experiment and rethink the way we make and use our everyday products, this in a transparent way. They love to challenge themselves, their processes, partners and customers to produce high-quality eyewear from recycled materials. In other words: They design sustainable sunglasses that offer a completely different view —quite literally— on the role of waste in our society and environment.

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At W.R.Yuma, they combine next-generation technology with old fashioned hands-on craftsmanship. They are the first in the world to use 3D printing and recycled plastic to make eyewear. Small is beautiful. All their products are designed and produced in-house and on-demand, keeping near zero stock in their 50 m2 micro-factory.

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We live in a take-make-and-waste consumer society. But we also live on planet earth where there is no such thing as waste. Since the very beginning of life, nature has continuously recycled all materials, again and again. The circular economy already exists, we just need to make it ours. That is why we start by making sunglasses from waste and recycling them again at their end-of-life.

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Touch of Madness in translucent by W.R.Yuma
LENSES: Essilor Sun Solution
Model: Eelke Veltman, Optician and eyewear blogger
Photographer: Ingmar Veltman

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