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The desire of the designers at French eyewear label Vue DC is to highlight each face, reveal each personality or style through our collection of optical frames and sunglasses. Their ambition is to create pieces with generous and imperious curves as well as subtle finishes, all orchestrated by the traditional French know-how.

For each model, they create the perfect balance between material and shaping process, depth and light, subtlety and robustness.


The beauty of a detail, the depth of a color, the subtlety of a volume, the thickness of a material, the face to face of two finishes. For each new model, an accurate work and a constant search for a balance.


Devote a particular attention to the excellence of materials and entrust the realization to manufacturers in Oyonnax, selected for their know-how. No less than fifty small goldsmith hands shape a Vue dc. & Marion M. spectacle, thus transmitting all their technical skills.

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Listening, honesty and loyalty are the essential notions to define the relationship with our partners beyond the simple commercial business aspect. Their aspiration? To forge a real and sincere relationship between you and them.

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