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What do you do if you’re due for a TEF shooting, cooped up at home during the COVID-19 pandemic? With multiple of our shooting locations under lockdown, the TEF Entourage models were struggling to find a way how to perform and still empower independent eyewear in a way that you amazing opticians out there are used from us.


Logically, the first thing that struck Amy’s mind was to wear protection, and that doesn’t have to mean ugly surgical masks. Wearing a mask in a matching fabric, she still looked stunning in her shoot for Gaston Eyewear.

But not everyone has such an extensive wardrobe as afashionnerd does, and many countries prevent people from even walking the streets, let alone creating fashion photoshoots.

TEFgoesDOWNunder shooting with Emma Roberts in Portland Australia has been canceled due to this, and our next spot was in an area that was even hit harder by the virus; Barcelona Spain. There, stylist Jasmin Teichtmeister was looking for ways to still deliver her photos for TEFdoesBARCA, even though she wasn’t able to step out into the beautiful streets of her hometown Barcelona.


Jasmin found photographer Julia Malinowska, who is working with a new concept of FaceTime photography. A principle where she takes photos of her own screen, looking into the house of the model.

Jasmin wearing Lara D' Eyewear
Jasmin wearing Lara D' Eyewear
Jasmin wearing Lara D' Eyewear
Jasmin wearing Lara D' Eyewear

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]We start by finding the good light or by making good light with blinds or drapes. There’s lots of running around the house, which is really great for the energy of the shoot. Then we just try to be creative and have fun with it — it’s a welcome diversion for me and for them from the current situation! The image quality is not going to be great. Embrace it![/perfectpullquote]

Not really what we expect from a TEF shoot, so she will create regular photos after the lockdown, but still pretty cool to share and give you a warm hello from Barcelona, where Jasmin is wearing a beautiful stylish frame by Lara D’.

Shooting: TEFdoesLA
Pigalle by Gaston Eyewear
Amy Roiland of aFashionNerd

Shooting: TEFdoesBARCA
Eyewear: Lara D’

Jasmin Teichtmeister of Purstyle
Photographer: Julia Malinowska

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