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The Blackfin One line’s three new optical frames reveal the brand’s core essence through the aesthetic use of titanium. With the sculptural design of the frames and their bold profiles, Homewood, Vicksburg and Anfield epitomize the physicality of the material, emphasized by rich colors that allow their bold personalities to shine.

The classic design and generous squared front of the Homewood men’s style is reinterpreted through two-tone color combos: green/gray, blue/gray, black/green, blue/red, blue/dove gray.

[URIS id=23806]

Softly rounded rims mark the unisex Vicksburg, which reclaims the original color pairings that set Blackfin eyewear apart: red/beige, green/red, blue/gray, black/blue, blue/red.

[URIS id=23812]

Lastly, Anfield, a frankly feminine frame with oval rims, comes in these colors: blue/pink, pink/brown, red/blue, brown/gold, magenta/violet.

[URIS id=23818]

The brand’s purest, most authentic expression converges in the Blackfin One line: minimalist design, unwavering technology, absolute quality, sophisticated colors, exclusive use of titanium and beta titanium, hand-crafting that exalts each and every feature.

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