Oga Azur // Combinations of material and color

Over the years, eyeglasses have become a must-have accessory for self-expression. We gravitate towards frames that enhance our individuality and reflect who we are. Morel designs frames with character, adding the finishing touch to your look. Morel’s designers reimagine current trends and challenge creativity when choosing colors and materials; especially playing with opacity to illuminate the design. Morel presents frames in masculine shapes that will delight fans of creative and mastered products.


Discover our favorites!

Model 10122O

Let yourself be seduced by this deceptively simple frame. Its clever design catches the eye and reveals a well-controlled play of materials.

The trendy pantos shape is even more appealing thanks to an ingenious assembly. The metal arch is fixed with an acetate ring held by two nylon threads which bring luminous touches of color. More than eyewear, this trendy accessory will enhance your style.

Model 10131O

Exceptional materials, fresh colors, and a variation of finishes offer everything you need to make your individuality shine.

A double metal bar adds a brilliant touch and enhances the warm honey hues of the gloss acetate front. Thin stainless steel temples add contrast and complete your unique look.

Model 80031A

Get ready for the sun! Not only will Morel’s category 3 polarized lenses protect your eyes, they will also complete your outfit.

This chic sunglass is retro-inspired with its high shape and key-hole bridge. Made completely from acetate, this frame is reminiscent of Morel’s first designs. The extra touch? A thin metal bar delicately placed at the top to catch the light.


Morel’s history is first and foremost that of a family passionate about their work as manufacturers of the eyeglasses they have designed and created since 1880. The French brand is both creative and trailblazing, making its mark on the public through its iconic models sold in millions of copies throughout the world. 140 years during which the brand has never stopped perfecting its know-how, refining its technical skills and cultivating its creativity.

Today Morel owns the largest design center for eyeglasses in France. Artistic directors, designers, prototype makers and color specialists work hand in hand to design the eyeglasses of the future, from the initial idea to the finished product.

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