True Vintage Revival // All New TVR 505 Panto

First introduced in the 1920s, this Panto shaped model is an homage to the 20th Century masters of arts, fashion, and architecture. An Andy Warhol style staple, the TVR® 505 is the perfect frame for both men and women thanks to its pantoscopic view and rounder shape. The double diamond rivets from the 80s complete the modern classic look that’s versatile for any fashion appetite. Customers and aficionados would also be able to enjoy the exquisite artistry of master craftsman Sawada-Yaemon whose family of master craftsmen started back in the Edo period.

True Vintage Revival Eyewear

The collection features two sizes — 46mm and 49mm — with a patented metal-core and Japanese engraving depicting The Great Wave of Kanagawa patterns to keep each piece unique. It is also important to note that TVR® creates small-batch collections to keep the authenticity and artisanal qualities of each eyepiece at pristinely maintained — and even the materials are sourced from small-batch artisans in Japan.

Stylise the TVR® 505 with lightweight Green clip-on polarised that come with vintage filigree design.

2020 Edition—True Vintage Revival remakes all the original elements of the TVR® using the exceptionally rare, original mould that produced this classic shape with exciting brand new colors.
1920s Archive—TVR® uses only the original templates and blueprints in the creation process of our frames, along with original moulds where available. It is a creative process passed on from generations to selected artisans with a superior commitment to quality.

Master Craftsman—SAWADA-YAEMON

Coming from a family of master craftsmen whose heritage dates back to the Edo period, Sawada-Yaemon holds strongly to his multi-generational reputation in eyewear production. The Yaemon family is the first to perfect the iconic ARNEL® shape using traditional measurement techniques.

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