FreshForPandas // Ultralight Eco-Eyewear You’ll Love

Founded in 2018, FreshForPandas was born out of a passion for eyewear and a desire to create better things in a better way. With the innovative eco-friendly wooden frames concept at the core of what we do, our aim is to contribute to the reduction of the current plastic footprint fashion leaves on the environment. The quirky name celebrates our bamboo eating friends and each frame is handcrafted, prescription ready and ultralight.

The 2020 summer collection features prescription-ready sunglasses that mix our favorite eco-prime materials: bamboo, lightweight titanium, and bio-acetate, whereas our eyeglasses collections are handcrafted from walnut, rosewood, and maple, to serve as unique alternatives to the plastic versions of the big brands.


The lightweight frames make a big comfort difference to heavier acetate or metal glasses. With pressure on the temples, nose, and ears, they’ll ensure a super comfortable, forget-you’re-wearing experience.

Glasses are essentially a fashion item, but with the advent of laser surgery and contact lenses, there are fewer and fewer reasons to wear them. However, the main one is style and individuality and FreshForPandas glasses excel at this. They express individualism, break from the norm and add a stance of natural, earthy looks that are easy on the eyes and easy on the planet.

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