Stepper Eyewear // 50 Years of Innovation

For a frame company to celebrate its 50th year of business and have its founder still working at the helm is something of an achievement. Hans Stepper began this most respected eyewear brand in 1970 and has been there innovating, developing, designing and inspiring the business every day of its existence.

From what began as an ambitious idea to revolutionise frame manufacture using sophisticated injection moulding techniques and advances in plastics materials now has a truly global reach, with its frames worn by fans all over the world.

Today Stepper Eyewear holds a special position within the limited number of ophthalmic frame brands. A company created by an optician that remains true to its original concept, creating ‘eyewear fashion that fits’.

Uninterrupted development of the High-Tec plastic material (TX5) and, since 2000, combining this with sophisticated Titanium metals, Stepper frames continue to create their own destiny as the company faces the future with positivity.

About Stepper Eyewear

STEPPER began in 1970 when Hans Stepper, a German Master Optician, began creating high quality frames from new materials and processes in injection moulding with the desire to create ‘eyewear fashion that fits’.

Today, Hans and his team are still innovating, producing frames in TX5, Titanium and Stainless Steel which are worn by Stepper enthusiasts all over the world.

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