Bevel // Celebrating 20 years

One of the challenges of designing a collection like Bevel Specs for 20 years is consistently finding new ways to interpret your brand aesthetic while remaining fresh, innovative and relevant, while at the same time not straying too far from the expectations of your customer.

The way we do that is by pushing the bar in different directions through the use of shapes, materials, colors, and technology. It doesn’t always work, but it does keep the brand relevant and true to its core values.

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At Bevel, we love color, respect workmanship and fit, and above all, wish to complement and enhance the wearer’s look, without usurping it. We joke that it is “cheaper than surgery”! It is. And probably will last longer and be less painful.

Our new collection builds on the last two collections’ foray into bolder, stronger color combinations while working with shapes that flatter rather than distract. It includes 6 new acetates, 2 combinations, and 5 titaniums and the colors range from soft pastels to striking orange and purple hues.

Building towards 20 more. Bevel.

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