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We are at home and so are you. Why not make the most of our time and spend a moment together?

At KOMONO, we feel it is now, more than ever, important to stand together as a community and spread beauty and positivity. These exceptional times call us to share our platform with some of our favorite artists, long-time collaborators, and young creatives and shine a light on their work. We can enjoy their creativity from the safe boundaries of our own homes. Starting from now, we will present different artists and release their work, showcasing some of our most beloved styles.

Lara Gessner for KOMONO
Michal Loba for KOMONO
Elda Broglio for KOMONO
Jason Ebeyer for KOMONO

Let’s stay creative, let’s stay connected.

KOMONO launches ‘’A Moment With’’, a digital curation of commissioned work by young artists. Every day a new creative will be showcased and his work presented on all of KOMONO’s digital channels. The goal is to create a sense of community and spread beauty in these exceptional times. KOMONO will bring a wide range of digital disciplines, from illustrators, filter creators to 3-d and video artists to bring a message of creativity and positivity. The campaign kicks off with KOMONO’s Light Blue capsule collection and will feature a selection of their most celebrated styles.

The full series will be made available on a unique landing page.

Submissions will be accepted and encouraged through an open call to join.

Free press release: KOMONO

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