Vista Bonita // The cocktail Flower Collection

If you are looking for a by-product that requires little work with a very good resale, the beautifully designed reading glasses by Vista Bonita might just be the sweet deal you were looking for!


This well-thought-out reading glasses concept truly sells itself, by use of a cool table display with super cute bags stuffed with goodies along with their quality ready readers. Their filled bags are totally hip and happening and have an exclusive leather print and a rainbow zipper, with cute pink or green cleaning spray bottles.

Their new reading glass collection has a very appealing and cheerful theme this spring: COCKTAILS. The colors of the Cocktail Flower Collection are Maliblue, Cherry Lips, Salinas Pink  Basil Smash and MaiTai Purple, following the summer fashion for 2020. If that doesn’t get you thirsty for more, I don’t know what does!




Extra this spring, they got a catchy sun-reading glasses in Sunny Sight beige. Ideal to do some reading at the beach, sipping those cocktails!

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About Vista Bonita:

Bonita has been looking for some nice reading glasses for a while. Glasses that not only bring reading pleasure, but also a smile on everyone’s face. She loves color and eye-catching models, her time of adjusted behavior is long gone. For Bonita it can always be a bit more; a joke, an addition, something very unique, she likes that. The reading glasses that she sees hanging here and there don’t attract her. She decides to start her own reading glasses brand. That is not easy; the reading glasses must be of good quality, and the models hip and trendy. And if they are a bit light on her nose, that’s nice.

And, very important for Bonita, her brand needs to support a good cause, she pays an amount to charity for every pair of glasses sold. Every bit helps, doesn’t it? She visits trade shows around the world, talks to fashion designers and starts drawing, to help people see good, look good, do good and feel good!

Advertorial: Vista Bonita

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