Mido 2020 // Brands to check out!

As one of the largest optical shows in the world, MIDO offers new opportunities to exhibitors and, thanks to its amazing and original set-up, is always an exciting experience for all attendees. Here is a short-list of amazing independent brands we feel you should certainly not miss out on!

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Brevno eyewear is an independent brand started in 2013 in the middle of Siberia by two friends, making bold charismatic frames from wood, which instantly became a manifesto for bold charismatic people all over the world. Statement of inner power, open mind and strong character.

A rough surface and wonderful grain pattern of brevno sunglasses is perfectly mixed with high-end German surgical steel nosepads, spring-loaded hinges and outstanding fitting. By using new, ecology sustainable materials, they have found their own recipe for classy good looking frames with a pinch of non-conventional design.

Check them out at LAB Academy #19

Erkers 1879

Inspired by the generations that came before them, the guys at Erkers have dedicated their lives to the art of beautiful eyewear. For over 140 years the Erker family continues to design, high quality, fine eyewear that can last a lifetime.

Their high standards of excellence only allows the absolute best of the batch to be available to the market. From the silkiness feel of the frame to the strongest hinges, know that you are getting the best eyewear money can buy. Erker’s Eyewear has a rich history; from producing the goggles for Charles Lindbergh and the historical flight to Paris, the Erker family has passed this knowledge down over many generations.

Showing off site:
Piazza Velasca 3

ERKERS 1879 - 1
ERKERS 1879 - 2
ERKERS 1879 - 3
ERKERS 1879 - 4
ERKERS 1879 - 5
INVU_2020_T1006C 1
INVU_2020_B2032D Basic
INVU_2020_T1006C 2
INVU_2020_T1006C Trend
INVU_2020_T1006C 3

INVU by Swiss Eyewear Group

Designed and engineered in Switzerland, INVU offers exceptional value and fashionable styles. Great quality does not need to be expensive. At a recommended retail price of Euro 59 – 89, and supported with a visual merchandising concept that includes the latest LCD display technology, INVU is designed to generate in-store traffic and new customers for opticians around the globe.

All INVU sunglasses are equipped with Swiss Eyewear Group’s proprietary ultra polarized lens technology. Plus, just in time for Mido 2020, INVU and Swiss Eyewear Group are launching a stunning new optical frame + ultra polarized magnetic clip collection.

Check them out at Hall 6, Booth H07


With 30 years in the eyewear industry, this constantly developing European brand celebrates elegant design at adorable prices. From contemporary to iconic styles KWIAT eyewear is willing to suit its client’s preferences with a wide range of models.

Their approach is all about integrity and diligent customer service. Working with them will enable you to grow your offerings with cutting edge frames without breaking your company’s bank account! Stylish yet accessible KWIAT eyewear defines your end customer’s identity with relevant modern chic glasses. They introduce new models every three months, but their bestselling frames are always in stock.

Check them out at Hall 4, Booth C07

KWIAT Eyewear
KWIAT Eyewear
KWIAT Eyewear
KWIAT Eyewear
KWIAT Eyewear

Markus T

EASE makes lightness an individual lifestyle. Because less material means more possibilities at MARKUS T.

From almost every of the 22 rimless EASE models, three different looks can be created. MARKUS T’s newest collection, EASE redefines lightness with its diversity and technology. Focusing on minimalism and offering a variety of design options for a very individual statement at the same time.

Take a look at the new EASE, the new TMi trend color berry and the new shapes of the DOT Mono and ME Pur collection at their Mido booth!

Check them out at Hall 4, Booth S25


The Austrian label neubau combines the fresh spirit of young, creative minds with longstanding expertise and sustainable production of its mother company Silhouette Int. With the first 100% bio-based line of optical frames and sunglasses, neubau eyewear is launching its material innovation natural3D at MIDO, which gives spectacle wearers the option to combine their love of trends with sustainable awareness. Furthermore, as an homage to an endless summer on the French Riviera in the 60s, neubau eyewear is presenting its new special edition “Côte du Soleil” at MIDO. This year’s collection is celebrating the mood of an era and the nature of South of France with a premiere: all 3 models are made from the new, innovative material natural3D, a 100% bio-based material, printed with 3D-technology.

Check them out at Hall 4, Booth K11

Neubau Eyewear 1
Neubau Eyewear 2
Neubau Eyewear 3
Neubau Eyewear 4
Neubau Eyewear 5
NW77TH 3
NW77TH 2
NW77TH 1


Throughout their travels across the globe, the NW77TH design team works very hard throughout the day, but love to be wowed by the big city restaurants and lounges in whichever city they are in. This is where their “Think Tank” is! They enjoy that comfortable feeling when they are in those spaces, particularly the ones that have the perfect combination of great service, great sound and interesting décor – pushing the limits, yet very cool.

Those attributes help create their overall experience, and they wanted to bring this cool experiences to everyone through the vibe and energy of NW77th while defining modern cultural living.

Showing off site:
Piazza Velasca 3​

Re:Sin Eyewear

Re:sin is eyewear jewelry created from classic shapes of frames, fascinating colors of glasses and sophisticated decoration.

Their design team adorns the body and responds to the deepest need of the soul – lust for beauty. They decorate their eyewear jewelry by the natural amber that has been shaped in the seas for 40 million years – each pair of glasses is absolutely unique.

At Mido, they present their latest, coherent collection that will respond the need for expressive and unique jewelry for the eyes.

Check them out at Hall 6, Booth E25


Spektre Eyewear

Spektre celebrates in 2020 its first 10 years, with roots in Italy and presence in over 50 countries.

With a wide collection, covering sun & optical lines, Spektre works between street-style & classic, always anticipating trends. The brand is often seen on A-list celebrities and counts on a variety of very visionary designs, mixed with top-notch classics.

This year titanium & bio acetates were introduced for the first time. Made in Italy and with solid components suppliers as Dalloz lens, Mazzucchelli, OBE hinges, Spektre is an example of excellence, style, and a must!

Check them out at Hall 2, Booth R27

T Henri

Editors choice, our personal favorite:

In search of an eyewear brand that parallels an elite lifestyle while paying tribute to the world’s most innovative and exclusive machines, Tyler Henri was driven to create a purist, exotic lifestyle brand. A brand which flows harmoniously with the vanity fair of indulging in hypercars, superyachts, and jumbo jets. Out of that innovation, T HENRI was born, a new ultra-chic brand offering the world’s most luxurious and meticulously-crafted eyepieces.

Sculpted for beauty, timelessness, extensive detail and performance, his Monaco Series collection is the ultimate driver’s spectacle.

Check them out at LAB Academy #01

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T Henri Eyewear
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Vysen Eyewear

At Mido, Vysen Eyewear will be introducing its new futuristic collection. At 100% Optical, we already saw them win the first Love Eyewear Awards in both the Sunglasses of the Year and Luxury Frame of the Year category.

Designed in Miami they created a line of vibrant, distinctive, high quality, fashion-forward sunglasses. The collection is made with meticulous detail where 52 different steps are taken in order for a Vysen frame to come to life.

The artisan frames are created in a factory in Italy, using only the highest quality optical materials. Their commitment to craftsmanship delivers outstanding quality and a timeless style that transforms glasses into pieces of art.

Check them out at LAB Academy #32

Woodys Barcelona

Woodys is the same as spectacularity. This brand promises fun, color, freshness, sophistication and a point of excendricity wherever it goes. This year, in MIDO, you will have the opportunity to see the new models that the company has been presented this past January. More mature designs, with more sinuous and daring shapes inspired by the eighties.

Acetate continues to be very present with milled designs to create an oversized effect that gives off glamor on all 4 sides. Woodys bets, again, for its Unique Men men’s collection, incorporating beta-titanium as the main element for its lightness, comfort, resistance and ergonomics. Materials that will undoubtedly be a star this 2020. 

Be surprised at Hall 2, Booth K45


Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto is one of the most renowned names in the international design scene, while the unique philosophy and distinctive style of the man behind the eponymous brand is the fairy tale of the legend.

Over the years, the Japanese fashion designer, who prefers to call himself a “tailor,” has earned some of the most coveted design awards in the world. In the past two years, Yohji Yamamoto has, in addition to his designer fashion items, also brought his own line of glasses to the market.

Very faithful to the strong tradition of the label, the glasses and sunglasses meet the highest quality standards to earn the YY name.

Check them out at Hall 4, Booth N21

Hope to see you all at the show and be sure to enjoy these amazing brands!

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