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Woodys Barcelona increases its Woodys Hotel collection with 17 new models that retain the purest essence of the brand: full of freshness, sophistication and a lot of color, and welcomes 3 new characters in its unique Hotel. Looking ahead the good weather, Woodys wanted to expand its collection with 12 optical new models and 5 of sun that create an exquisite combination of shapes, colors and materials. More mature models in which design, ergonomics and customer comfort prevail.


One step further with acetate

In this collection, the references with volumetric milled acetate bring modernity and daring to the most demanding women of the 21st century stand out. We work with the prestigious Spike hinges of OBE, for a greater contribution of resistance and ergonomics.

Love for combinations!

Sophistication, style and a whole lot of glamour. These models combine lightweight metals and ergonomics with fun and modern acetate touches. Small dashes of colour, Woodys’ distinctive feature. In our constant quest of designs that combine quality, beauty and comfort, the combined models adapt to the client’s facial physiognomy, thus preventing them from deforming over time.

Metal is in fashion

To keep pace with the new market trends, Woodys continues betting on its metal collection. We go a step further, instilling our DNA in the designs, bringing to life modern combinations of colours and ergonomic shapes. To ensure that our colours convey the core of our philosophy, we continue to work with IP (Ion Plating) technology.

Inspired by the 80s

The most transgressive and punk spirit of the eighties invades Woodys. The different volumes and geometric forms combined with acetate and metal are at the heart of the 5 new additions to the sun family. We highlight the great quality of the lenses, once again produced by the prestigious multinational firm Carl Zeiss Vision. As category 3 lenses, they provide extra protection against UV rays, and some models include anti-reflection coating and polarisation for enhanced user comfort.

Unique men, the collection for men of today

Our commitment to the men’s collection continues, incorporating 5 new models worked with beta titanium and acetate designed for an off-road man who moves on the asphalt and is  addicted to the adrenaline rush of the mountain.


The Woodys hotel receives 3 new hosts

Frantic activity continues at the Woodys Hotel. As you know, our campaigns always turn to a unique and different storytelling. The starting point of the The Woodys Hotel campaign, which we presented in September, was the theft of one of the most emblematic models in the collection. Months later, we continue without knowing who has been the culprit of said theft and the suspects do not stop. On this occasion, three enigmatic characters are incorporated into the story who, like the rest, are not as innocent as it seems. And it is that appearances sometimes deceive.


Laia follows her husband Ryan wherever he goes. But that doesn’t mean she is sitting in the room waiting for him. Ambitious and seductive, she achieves everything she sets her mind to.


The endearing and sweet Lidy has had an unexpected end to the party. But, although everyone expects her to fall apart because of the situation, she always finds the silver lining. What’s she up to?


It’s the little dog that belongs to our dear Sonia, the hotel manager. They’re inseparable. His adventurous spirit takes him to all the hotel’s nooks and crannies… where he can make a hole to keep what he finds around the hotel. He’s really cute, isn’t he?

About Woodys Barcelona

Founded at the end of 2013, Woodys Barcelona was created by a young entrepreneur who launched the first 100% wood spectacle glasses at an affordable price for all costumers. In his latest collections of sun and sight, Woodys has innovated with the combination of wood with new materials such as acetate, metal or titanium (among others), resulting in unique frames. Woodys Barcelona has been consolidated from its beginnings to the present, with more than 3,600 points of sale, both nationally and internationally. Important national and international celebrities and bloggers already carry their products.

For more information visit their website or check out their Mido booth in Hall 2, stand K45


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