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Created in 2012, Plein Les Mirettes was born from the reunion between two personalities, Christophe (Design -Optics World) and  Pascal (Finance and Industry) possess before all things, the acute sense of creating one of the most beautiful women frames.

Their vision was to create an eyewear collection exclusively made in France supported by an incomparable craftsmanship value and a sophisticated design universe where daily femininity can be sublimated from everyday banalities. A perfect blend between two complementary worlds: Craftsmanship and Luxury. Together they ensure that the collection remains consistent, innovative and unique. Exclusively for women… and for all women

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The style Plein Les Mirettes gladly breaks the codes.

Ultra-chic fashion accessories, stylish designs, extremely comfortable and functional. Their trendsetting styles will always be on point while retaining the French “chic” that have made the reputation of the brand. The brand harmoniously combines style and functionality, modernity and a touch of French elegance to reflect an individual woman’s character, as each frame aims at enhancing their personalities. It is for women who want unique glasses without being too extravagant.

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Woman face morphology

At PLM, creation is not an accident. It is a never-ending research for the perfect shapes and colors. Through a meticulous process, Christophe Morcamps designs his collection to sublime the women’s faces using the uniqueness of the woman’s facial structure (such as eyes, noses, chins, cheekbones, and eyebrows). To reflect an individual woman’s character and personality, the frame color combination is here to transcend their age, skin color, hair color, and make-up palette. Because every woman is unique, every Plein Les Mirettes frame is unique

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Plein Les Mirettes offers acetate glasses manufactured and assembled by hand in a workshop in Normandy, France. Each PLM eyewear piece is a small, exclusive piece of perfection, the result of precise workmanship, of an elaborate production process executed entirely by hand. From Start to finish, it requires one week to complete a Plein Les Mirettes frame.

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In perpetual evolution, the Maison Plein Les Mirettes launch an average of fifteen new models a year and a multitude of colors. They manage their new releases by season like a clothing company: AW Autumn-Winter and SS -Spring-Summer. To keep the collection always new, fresh and in constant evolution, they manufacture only a batch of new models or colors (between 50 to 100 units). They won’t be reproduced again…All the collection is a limited edition!

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Editorial: Plein Les Mirettes

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