BOZ // Flower Power & Parure


JANET and JICOTE are a variation of the iconic sunglasses model ILUSION from BOZ collection. The design and aesthetics are studied to adapt to prescription lenses, drawing on a more discreet stylistic repertoire while preserving the originality and the remarkable beauty of the original model.

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The know-how of the designer is expressed in the inventiveness and technicality of the metal, with exceptional cuts and folds, textured effects of great finesse and beautiful precious colors. The symbolism of the Flower is interpreted with lightness and restraint, in contrast of matte and shiny colors which redraw the volumes on the front and make a chic and very distinguished silhouette.


Concept PARURE

JOSAA and JONE are two new metal frames resulting from a strong research work around materials and their effects. Inspired by Incas jewelry, they are distinguished by the refined work done on their top: thin epoxy lines, colorful and glossy, that redraw the eyebrows; hammered patterns of extreme finesse at the corner of the eyes.

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The colorful treatment performed on these models enhances their construction and their patterns while referring to the color codes of Mexican jewelry.

Advertorial: BOZ by JF Rey Eyewear Design

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