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Emotionally. Luxury is an irrational form of consumption and is usually characterized by highly emotional behavior. While glitter and “bling-bling” were once traits of all sorts of luxury, nowadays terms such as individuality and sustainability are related. In recent years, there has been a completely new definition and mindset in the context of luxury, which above all, does not include material aspects. You do not need luxury, you have to want luxury.


One of the most expensive glasses in the world are the sunglasses Cartier Paris 18K Gold which is equipped with sparkling diamonds and was crafted with a gold frame. Currently, the value of the glasses is set at around 22,000 Euro. Does this piece of jewelry actually correspond to the luxury features of today? Characteristics such as quality, individuality, sustainability or exclusive services are increasingly becoming the focus of attention and are regarded as the true luxury of the current era.


Luxury of today

Being in harmony with nature means appreciating it and experiencing a conscious time. But many glasses wearers go one step further here and deliberately make use of natural materials for their eyewear. Wooden glasses are an indispensable part of our industry and with their passion for natural materials and high-quality standards, the Rolf Spectacles from Tyrol shine in the luxury category of nature. Custom made and individual for big and small heads, thick or thin noses. Wearers of glasses are often willing to spend a few more money if the perfect fit and absolute comfort can be guaranteed. Luxury of today is individuality, without ifs and buts. Today’s 3D printing process for eyewear offers this luxury and manufacturers like You Mawo can win with their expertise. Luxury thing.

The new attitude to plastic has already found its way into the eyewear industry and labels like sea2see open up completely new perspectives. True to the motto: from 100% Marina waste 100% handmade in Italy, sailors daily fish 1 ton of garbage from the ocean to sort the garbage afterwards and to process it in glasses and sunglasses. Sustainable luxury class. Many other types of luxury define themselves in our time, where stories and experiences gain in importance. Glitter and glamor keep fading into the background. Look and listen to the next purchase of glasses even closer because maybe a pair of glasses tells a story that means pure luxury for you.

Shooting: Column for DOZ
Eyewear: Silhouette eyewear
Model: Jennifer Bitsche, eyewear blogger at Faceprint
Photographer: Marina Schedler Photography
Location: Montfort Haus, Feldkirch

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