Morel par Nathalie Blanc // A passion for fine eyewear

Each year at Silmo, Morel shares new ideas and surprises. This year Morel presents the collaboration between Morel and Nathalie Blanc with the release of an exclusive capsule collection: Morel par Nathalie Blanc.

A passion for fine eyewear

Nathalie Blanc, a talented Parisian designer, recently launched her own brand into the optical industry, Nathalie Blanc Paris. With an open mind and an unapologetic aesthetic, Blanc’s passion for fine eyewear is met by the Morel family who has expressed the same passion for the past 140 years.

Amélie Morel & Nathalie Blanc

Halfway between medical devices and fashion, the optical industry is complex and offers a unique position. Prescription eyewear has become a fashion statement and frames offer an “alter ego” to anyone who chooses them, Nathalie Blanc likes to point out.

Morel shares in Blanc’s viewpoint. Today, Morel boasts the leading eyewear design center in France; a place that sparks creativity and innovation, where designers are free to let their imaginations take form.

MOREL PAR NATHALIE BLANC 90002C solaire & 90004C solaire
MOREL PAR NATHALIE BLANC 90001C solaire & 90002C optique

Partnership to serve creativity

The collaboration between Blanc and Morel came to fruition because of their shared values and vision. While Blanc is passionate about the eyewear and its history, Morel continues to evolve and expand its legacy in each new challenge. This exclusive collection is the result of a team of designers that learned from each other to perfectly execute resolute creativity. Morel by Nathalie Blanc marks the path from inspired designs to sophisticated products offering exceptional frames with rich history, and two brands that have a passion for eyewear.

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The potency of this collaboration lies in the perfect balance between the Morel and Nathalie Blanc codes. Morel brings the craftsmanship of a famous eyewear manufacturer to Nathalie Blanc’s hip design, for an end result with that essential extra something. Lovers of beautiful objects will particularly appreciate the care paid to the crafting of the frames, which are both delicate and skillfully executed.

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About the Morel by Nathalie Blanc collection

Morel by Nathalie Blanc is an exclusive, premium collection. Extreme care has done into crafting these frames, from the early sketches to the finishing touches. Their innovative structure and trendy design makes these frames exceptional. This exclusive collection has been designed for both men and women and includes both ophthalmic frames and sunglasses.

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Eyewear: Morel par Nathalie Blanc
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