KATA // Fall down seven times, stand up eight

Keeping true to redefining the KATA heritage with intention, the Fall/Winter collections follows up the Spring/Summer edit by pairing the detailed line of movement, this time with rich jewel tones that many design and architectural trends are showcasing throughout the season.

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The Unsu, Heiku, Tekki and Meiku feature Japanese acetate and titanium combinations with proprietary triangle detailing. Sleek, subdued, and pleasing to the deign eye, this collection builds on the new heritage that is KATA eyewear.


First, a brief refresher course:

  • KATA has an established legacy in the luxury Eyewear Segment of the industry.
  • KATA in its relaunch is redefined; thus, creating its own niche, its own language.
  • KATA is a proprietary brand with proprietary designs, every frame, every color is intentional, special.
  • KATA has deliberate detailing; the signature triangle is used in coined pattern work and anywhere etching is placed on the frame.
  • KATA style names are researched. In Japanese KATA is an actual body movement within different types of martial arts; each style is named with each discipline.
  • KATA uses luxurious materials; acetates are from both Japan and Italy regardless of simplicity and/ or complexity; all metal frames, hardware and components consist of Japanese titanium.
  • KATA uses titanium nose pads (where required); a spare set of PVC nose pads are provided for convenience.
  • KATA was created with a discerning consumer in min; shape, color, sizing, fit and all detail are all far from the norm.

All clear? Questions? There will be a test… 😉

Today, we leave you to ponder an old Japanese proverb:
“Fall down seven times, stand up eight” or if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Deep.

About Kata:

Kata, since first introduced in the mid 90’s, is a Japanese collection designed around four fundamental pillars – simplicity, innovation, responsibility and authenticity, as it explores form, finish and material over adornment. Kata has been re-launch by Design Gallery with an initial men’s collection in early 2018. Established in 2014 as a division of Match Eyewear, Design Gallery is a manufacturer and distributor of premium designer eyewear, serving the high end optical and boutique market. With designer eyewear increasingly recognized as a staple in everyone’s accessory wardrobe, the appeal to provide value in terms of style, quality in manufacture and originality of design became a goal of Match Eyewear.

Source: Editorial
Eyewear: KATA
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