OKO by OKO- Scenes of life with Emile & Rose

Scenes of life at OKO after the story of the two best friends Stella & Nikita in Episode 1, we now get to meet in Episode 2 Emile & Rose. The pitch? A new life begins at 30 ! Loving and feeling good in their lives, this couple of thirties celebrates their move together, this is their first apartment! We wish them all the best for a life full of colors and joy!

oko feature

Emile, for him…

Colored, designer style, elegant, with neat details and signed from the mark to the turtle. This frame entirely made of acetate will of course delight fans of glasses that have character, style and want to assert themselves! Créateur, yes, but accessible to all!

[URIS id=11891]

Rose, for her…

Floral inspiration and superposition of petals for this fresh, spring-colored frame with acidic colors that combines different materials – acetate and steel – to create an unexpected result. This trend towards the mixing of materials, very fashionable in the eyewear sector, is a creative process that creates a new aesthetic language offering pleasant contrasts, both visual and tactile.

[URIS id=11900]

The play of light and shadow – formed by the shifting and superimposition of hand-polished acetate plates – gives relief and volume creating a more generous, more open, softer and more feminine form. With Rose, OKO loves you a little, a lot, passionately, to madness!

And there, we realize the obvious: everything is consciously and elegantly offset and offbeat, as if the brand gave life to its ideas and its creations by thinking only of one thing: allowing the wearer to reveal oneself and to dare to display his personality.

See more of the colourful designs by OKO at their website.

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