Variation Design – Sally

Sally and its round shape offer to the wearer a soft and sparkling frame. The geometry of this Variation Design frame truly boosts its look. Everything stays deliberately sober thanks to the curve of the end-piece that follows the lines of the face. Flexibility and delicacy are also brought through the long end-tips that refines the whole. Thus, Sally proposes a real balance between sober lines and traits of madness.

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The three colors selected highlight a metallic circle in contrast with the wisest colors of the structure. A smart choice has been done for the green and pink frame which admits an impulse of freedom, but which shows a real colorimetric control with its powdery shades.

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These beautifully French made frames wont go unnoticed due to the brand’s particular approach to hues. As a true lover of subtle blends, deliberate harmonies and perfect matches, Variation Design shows a proven taste for meticulous creations. Drawing inspiration from nature, geometric shapes or architecture, V.Design gives pride of place to the crafted temples. Asymmetric structures, material effects, laser engraved stainless steel for exquisite finesse: each creation has its own identity and reveals a sincere and controlled attention to detail without falling into eccentricity.


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About the brand:

In 2003, Dominique Varlet , a former optician North of France, created the company VARIATION DESIGN. His experience allows him to offer to each of his creations , a daring and aesthetic design. In 2006, he combined this knowledge with the one of a young designer to develop this dynamic spirit he has just created. V.DESIGN, the first collection is born , followed a few years later by a collection for children : V.DESIGN KIDS. V.DESIGN is a designer collection that allows everyone , male or female, to assert his personality and character. Drawing its lines in different universes such as design , nature and architecture, V.DESIGN creations are a mix of curves , colors and material effects. The collection is divided into combined acetate , drilled, full-ring and nylon frames. The design team is now composed of three designers with many talents and boundless inspiration, strongly committed to the development of their collections. Anxious to be anchored in the fashion news and trends, they innovate and continually offer a wide choice of models. The birth of a new collection is a top event in color and creativity thanks to them. [/perfectpullquote]

Shooting: TEFdoesAUSTRIA
Eyewear: Sally by Variation Design
Model: Jennifer Bitsche, eyewear blogger at Faceprint
Photographer: Marina Schedler Photography

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