Xavier Garcia – Design and technique


Xavier Garcia- Barcelona demonstrates a great sensitivity for color, using color palettes in accordance with current fashion trends. Their acetate collection is a proposal with a dazzling miscellany of colors and textures in harmony, resulting in mixtures of unique colors combination that are difficult to match.

Beyond trends, the new collection provides a contemporary interpretation of a set of archetypal models. The designer believes in meticulous design and a hands-on production process. Recognizing that it takes time to perfect a product, he values materials, sensuality and form. Xavier Garcia’s aesthetics stems from a vivid sense of clarity, elegant simplicity, and taste.


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All acetate designs of the brand are characterized by the meticulous technical study of our flex, fully integrated into the temple, which provides maximum comfort and superior quality. Advantages:

– The possible allergies to the metal disappear, because it is not in contact with the skin.
– It is a high quality product manufactured in Europe.
– For possible flex spares, it is so much easier than a traditional flex.
– The temple’s metallic component, can be changed without subsequent work.

For more information, check out their website.

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