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Its Eco awareness week at TEF, and who knows more about this topic than our very own Carole Greener. At today’s Paris shoot, she is wearing the model RIVER by MonkeyGlasses, which two-toned lenses give the whole design a more on-trend multifaceted look. This stainless steel frame has an approximate recycled content of 60%.

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[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”CEO and Designer Mai-Britt Seaton” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]I have realized, that the saying “what consumes your mind, controls your life”, is very true. I start my day with gratitude in my heart. A lovely feeling, from which things and thoughts begins to grow. The Gratitude collection is characterized by its thin lines and dusty colorful expressions. It is inspired by people I am grateful to have met, colors, textures and smells that calms my mind and makes me happy.[/perfectpullquote]

Goodbye Plastic!

To change a habit to a greener alternative is definitely not always easy, and you might have to begin with small steps. For many years, the crew at MonkeyGlasses have been working on cutting away all plastic in their production and transportation, and until now, their poly-bags have been made of recycled plastic. They are very happy to announce, that from this new collection, ELEVATE 2019-1, all their frames will be transported in packaging made of recycled paper instead.

The Monkeyglasses team dreams about elevating our planet, and securing a green and more sustainable future. They believe, that we are all, consciously or unconsciously elevating and inspiring each other, and the choices each one of us makes, has an influence on us and our planet. But to change a habit to a greener alternative is definitely not always easy, and you might have to begin with small steps. That is why they have been working on cutting away all plastic in their production and transportation for many years.


MonkeyGlasses focuses on the environment and people and work towards zero waste. The unique frames are made of cotton fibers and production residues are recycled into trendy accessories, the old glasses are always reused. Unfortunately, looking good, being able to see well and doing well is easy. Just ask the sustainable MonkeyGlasses, which designs and sells modern glasses with Scandinavian expressions.

Hunger frames look like natural wood, but are actually made of biodegradable material that consists of 90% cotton fibers and wood chips. Production tests are designed for accessories and exclusive jewelry, and every time a set of frames leaves the position, the company donates a percentage to the “Save The Orangutan” fund. MonkeyGlasses also collects old customers from and to trivandrum in India to a center that supports fishing families in need.

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Monkeyglasses’s RIVER model is available in two different colours.

Get rid of the ‘disposable’ culture

There was never only or least for the future (sustainability) for rent for marketers (may-britt and Morten). MonkeyGlasses is looking at an increasing demand for the Danish as well as the international market.
“We not only sell smart, simple and quality features, but also make a difference. In many ways, the company represents a way out of the disposable culture. We can no longer go back to opportunities and re-use products in new and exciting ways. You just have to use your imagination so that we dominate a little more after producing the frame in creative accessories and jewelry. It is common sense for us and fortunately for our customers, “says Mai-brit Seaton.

Shooting: TEFdoesPARIS
Eyewear: River 36 by Monkeyglasses
Model: Carole Riehl – Les Lunettes Écologiques Magazine
Photographer: Sophie Letessier

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