TEFtalk – Charmossas

At Bold Optical Fair, we talked to designer Carla Isabel Pires from the Barcelona based eyewear brand Charmossas. Focused on a wide variety of colors, outstanding quality, comfort and innovative designs, Charmossas is a brand for confident people who have their own style and are not afraid to show it!


To Carla, the creative process is something magical, exciting and is the one that most fills them. That’s where she realizes that everything is worth it. In that moment, where she gets the technical drawings, all acetates and metal chips color samples on the table, she visualizes combinations of colors inspired by what surrounds her, the sunset in the Park Güell, the blue of the Mediterranean, fields of flowers, the mosaics and the artworks of Gaudi. In this way she combines colors and shapes, that is not just her work but also the way of life she has chosen: to create, choose, combine and start over. Because every spectacle that leaves her studio becomes unique. Textures, shapes and colors blend once a traditional way, with different permutations in each frame.

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And just three months later the creation process starts again. The change of season drives her to apply concepts from the previous seasons in order to re-create something special in the new collection.

For more information on this independent eyewear brand, check out their website.

Brand: Charmossas
Designer: Carla Isabel Pires
TEFtalk location: Bold Optical Fair
Eyewear displays: Top Vision Group

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