Xavier Garcia – AW18/19 additions

Xavier Garcia embraces the work of an artisan where a set of multiple laminates and volumes are melted together with superb craftsmanship. Playing with the colours and architecture, he fuses past references into new models, resulting in new vision of long-lasting trends. Each frame is an object of design, created with the delicate combination of the contemporary and the classic.

Their AW 2018 acetate collection is a perfect mix of comfort, lightweight, original colors, technical and aesthetic combinations!


Oversized square shape with a subtle feminine cat eye  With a young and trendy air, it features a laminate along the frame front and temples to highlight the brows, in a color combination that matches the hues of the acetate texture throughout the rest of the frame.


Sophisticated and feminine rectangular shape with a slight cat eye that stands out for its sculpted elements.It has a play of colors and textures on the frame front and temples for an aesthetically pleasing harmony.


Square cat-eye shape. A sinuous laminate runs along the front in a gentle line. Available in an array of refined colors to match any taste.


Square shape and oversized retro concept for men. A sinuous combination of laminates that run across the top in a gentle line, providing contrast to the front laminate in a sophisticated color range.


Classic rectangular shape with a young air and a laminate along the top, frame front and end piece to provide contrast in a harmonious color range.

About the brand

Xavier Garcia, the Spanish brand established in 2008 that reflects the style, shades and culture of its native city Barcelona never ceases to amaze with its fun, bold and non-conformist collections. While creative inspiration always comes from the roots, from the foundation of its character, Xavier Garcia started with the colours of Barcelona to rework the iconic shapes and symbols of eyewear eads.

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