Neubau – Meet Sigmund & Carl!

For their more extrav­a­gant sun­glass­es mod­el, our friends at neubau Eyewear were inspi­ra­ted by those two icon­ic and con­tro­ver­sial trail­blaz­ers of psy­cho­analy­sis, Sig­mund Freud and Carl Gus­tav Jung. Check out our beloved frame in action below:

Sigmund & Carl in Black Matte and Glorious Gold


For the longest part of his life the found­ing father of psy­cho­analy­sis Sigmund Freud lived and worked in Vien­na, and in fact, he har­bored a deep bond to his city and the par­tic­u­lar­i­ties of the “Vien­nese soul”. While he mulled over his the­o­ries on the human psy­che in his beloved coffee­houses, scrib­bling ideas in his count­less note­books, anoth­er pio­neer of the field would soon join him there: The Swiss psy­chi­a­trist Carl Gus­tav Jung with whom Freud would envis­age a con­cept of the human psy­che which would inform our under­stand­ing of our psy­cho­log­i­cal make-up to this day.

Sigmund & Carl in Black Matte and Eclectic Silver


And just as the thoughts and the­o­ries of both of these enquir­ing minds blend­ed and com­pli­ment­ed each oth­er a cen­tu­ry ago, their char­ac­ter­is­tic glass­es now merge into one in the shape of our new sun­glass­es mod­el Sig­mund & Carl. Freud’s round­ed mod­el meets Jung’s met­al frames, just as rev­o­lu­tion­ary trains of thought met for­ward-look­ing con­cepts. To us Sig­mund & Carl rep­re­sents not just a visu­al homage to the two ground­break­ing minds that gave the mod­el its name, but also pays trib­ute to their uncom­pro­mis­ing­ly chal­leng­ing thoughts and their dri­ve towards new ideas.

Sigmund & Carl in Snow-White Matte and Silky Rose


Dive into the world of Sigmund & Carl and get your style piece here.

About neubau Eyewear

neubau eyewear is an independent lifestyle eyewear brand offering a wide selection of optical frames and sunglasses. All our frames are designed, developed and manufactured in Austria.

Inspired by urban culture; The brand name neubau pays trib­ute to inter­na­tion­al cre­ative hubs such as Vienna’s Neubau dis­trict, locat­ed in the pul­sat­ing heart of the Aus­tri­an cap­i­tal. It is a place where artists, cre­ative souls and up-and-com­ing tal­ents con­nect; a dis­trict com­pa­ra­ble to oth­ers found around the globe from Shored­itch to Williams­burg, from Le Marais to Navigli.

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