Sunday Somewhere – Viva la Vida collection

The new VIVA LA VIDA collection by SUNDAY SOMEWHERE is inspired by Trinidad, a small Cuban town unforgettably frozen in time. Escape to a haven where the simple pleasures of life and the Caribbean sun will lead you down the cobblestone path towards feeling truly alive.

Their collection delivers 12 new sun styles that unmistakably capture the SUNDAY SOMEWHERE ethos of ‘living every day like it’s a Sunday’.

YEEHA and WILLIE, two male-specific, future-classics in the making.


ADELINE for your femme-fatale, cat-eye fix while the GEORGIA offers an elegant yet electric look.


HITOMI, soft and gentle in nature, this octagonal silhouette will get you noticed wherever you go.


For the fashion girl, the MARJORIE will become a go-to staple channeling a strong over-sized 60’s look.


For those who love to share, the SHANNON is a classically timeless, unisex frame.


About Sunday Somewhere

There are some people who never feel the urge to leave the house. They’re content to stay in the city they came from, the couch they sit on, and the 360 degree view around them.

Then there’s the rest of us. The people who can’t sit still, and always keep their passports close to them – just in case.

Whether you call it wanderlust, a love of travel or good old curiosity – the fact remains the same: Your hunger to explore cannot be quenched, no matter how many vacations or journeys you take.

For you, there’s always someone new to meet, somewhere different to explore. You’re into last-minute flights and trips without a destination. Destinations require plans, and you’re not into the whole planning thing. In your experience, travelling without one always leads to more excitement.

For more information, check out their website!

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