TAVAT “Kafee” Capsule Collection

New TAVAT capsule collection “Kafée Racer”

This spring, TAVAT presented it’s capsule collection “Kafée Racer,” which launched with a statement piece designed by young designer Miguel Harry. He took inspiration from the world of the Café Racing and strived to make an innovative piece of eyewear inspired by the functional and aesthetic elements of café racers. Cafe Racers are popular now more than ever. Having their origins in England in the 1960s, these motorcycles embodied the idea that less is more, reducing elements to create a unique aesthetic and ultimately lightweight. These principles were kept in mind to create a timeless eyewear piece that references the rebel spirit of riders and spectators alike.

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Design Flash brings forth a vault of amazing ideas

TAVAT’s creative heart has always been set in the hills of Pasadena, California as one of their founding designers, Norman Schureman, was a professor at the esteemed Art Center College of Design.

In the spring of 2016, TAVAT held a Design Flash at the university that lasted a week. TAVAT brought in industry professionals to educate the young designers on the eyewear business, whilst teaching the students how to make frames by hand, showing them the various ways of manufacturing frames and the materials available and also giving them a full look at TAVAT. TAVAT’s mission was to introduce young talent into our industry and give a young student a platform to have the opportunity to create his or her own design. Norman’s design philosophy was to combine simplicity with functionality, to unite nostalgia with modern technology.

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Taking into consideration Norman’s design philosophy and TAVAT’s identity, the students participating in the Design Flash, were challenged to design TAVAT a frame. The students took inspiration from everywhere, some designed with a specific function in mind whilst others were inspired by nature.

Young designer “Miguel Harry’s” Café racing inspired design wins!

After a week of inspired work, the students made their presentations in front of a board. All of the students brought forth incredible ideas and it was a challenge in itself to elect a winner. However, after careful consideration, the student who really combined Norman’s design philosophy and TAVAT’s technical imprint in the industry, was a young designer named Miguel Harry.

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TAVAT saw this piece as the perfect addition to their collection, which focuses on combining form with function and designing technical eyewear with purpose. They are proud to welcome Miguel Harry to their design team.

Click here to learn more about TAVAT and the new Tavat Kafee collection or visit their website.

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