Gernot Lindner – New Sterling Silver Glasses

Gernot Lindner Creates New Collection Sterling silver GL glasses handcrafted in Germany

Ever since he was a teenager, glasses have been his passion. Successful designer and master optician Gernot Lindner has remained true to his passion to this day. In 1990, he established eyeglass manufacturer Lunor, which he would develop into an award-winning brand in just 15 years – and that would make him the internationally recognized designer in the world of glasses he is today.

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His customers include numerous celebrities – Apple founder Steve Jobs, Meg Ryan, Bruce Willis, Elton John, Johnny Depp, and many more.
Eventually, Gernot Lindner decided to sell Lunor for personal reasons and take a new creative journey.

Ignited by family Mitterbauer

After moving his studio to his home city in Tyrol’s mountainous region, he developed a concept for a new collection. The company MIBA from Bavaria, Germany, is the ideal partner for Gernot Lindner to implement his idea. „That was just the start. I have known about family Mitterbauer for many years and I cherish their work. The company was and is capable of producing frames that meet the highest of standards for quality,” states Gernot Lindner. And with that, the GL brand is born – Gernot Lindner, Handmade in Germany.

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Sterling silver – a precious metal with a wide range of advantages

For designers, 925 sterling silver is one of the most precious materials in existence. It is corrosion-resistant and non-allergenic. But the greatest challenge lies in making solid sterling silver elastic enough to be suitable for producing sophisticated eyeglass frames. MIBA succeeds at this, and sterling silver is, therefore, the preferred material for GL glasses.

MIBA crafts all of the components, right down to the finished frame. Rebhan produces the premium-quality wooden cases based on Gernot Lindner’s design in Tettau, Germany. The entire production process takes place in Germany.

GL – the design

The Gernot Lindner design combines a stylish modern spirit with the timelessness of classic elements of style. A love for detail in the design and production phases, along with the use of solid sterling silver, gives rise to a collection unique to the market. Fine glasses with an unmistakable design that are extremely comfortable to wear. Designed by Gernot Lindner. Handmade in Germany.

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